Jim Harbaugh says reports of 49ers’ discord: ‘a garland of crap’

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Jim Harbaugh bluntly doubtful a news from NFL Network researcher Deion Sanders claiming players have incited opposite a 49ers coach.

“Personally we consider that’s a garland of crap,” Harbaugh pronounced Monday.

After a 49ers’ 26-21 win Sunday over a Eagles, Sanders settled that players are fed adult with a fourth-year coach.

“They wish him out. They’re not on a same page,” Sanders, a Hall of Fame cornerback, pronounced Sunday on NFL GameDay Final.

ESPN researcher Trent Dilfer, a former Seahawks quarterback, chimed in Monday morning with a identical alarm bell, revelation ESPN Radio: “I do consider it’s turn roughly toxic.”

Harbaugh panned both Sanders’ and Dilfer’s analysis, holding displeasure with how conjunction named any sources for their information.

“I haven’t seen Trent or Deion around here much,” Harbaugh quipped.

Both Sanders and Dilfer had brief stints with a 49ers during their personification careers — Sanders in 1994, Dilfer 2006-07 — and they do have ties with stream players and front-office personnel.

Sanders, in a follow-up twitter Monday, announced his information isn’t entrance from his longtime crony Michael Crabtree, and that rather his sources wear “uniforms, suits and ties.”

Harbaugh on Monday described his attribute with CEO Jed York and ubiquitous manager Trent Baalke as: “Very good. Everybody is on a same page. Everybody is focused on this season, creation it a best it can presumably be, operative good together.”

Sanders, 20 years private from winning a Super Bowl with a 49ers, pronounced players’ disregard for Harbaugh is causing problems.

“I unequivocally wish to know if they’re unequivocally personification for a control coach,” Sanders said. “I got a doubt with that. Are we unequivocally down with your control coach, San Francisco 49ers? Because a approach it looks and what I’m hearing, you’re unequivocally not down for your control coach. And that’s a problem.

“They unequivocally got some problems that we hear rumblings. We all know people inside locker rooms.”

Dilfer, in a radio speak on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” bloody what he saw in a 49ers’ 26-21 win over a Eagles.

“Offensively,” Dilfer said, “it’s frenetic, it’s spitball, it’s ugly, it’s terrible time management. we meant inexcusable time management. Lack of appetite by descent players. Series finished and there was no communication, guys slouching their shoulders, only bad physique language.”

Dilfer afterwards couched his “almost toxic” criticism by stating: “Now winning fixes all that, so greatfully everybody before we start flipping out, if they win a integrate more, it’s all good. That’s only a approach a NFL is.”


• Arizona using behind Jonathan Dwyer has been rigourously charged with assaulting his mother during dual arguments in Jul during their Phoenix apartment.

An complaint publicly expelled late Friday charges Dwyer with transgression aggravated attack and 8 misdemeanors, including assault, rapist repairs and unfinished conduct.

Investigators contend Dwyer pennyless his wife’s nose with a head-butt during a Jul 21 evidence and intent in a brawl a following day in that he punched his mother and threw a shoe during his 17-month-old son, who wasn’t injured.

• Buffalo manager Doug Marrone said that Kyle Orton will reinstate E.J. Manuel as Buffalo’s starting quarterback. Orton is 4-0 in his career opposite a Lions with 4 touchdown passes, no interceptions and a 102.2 passer rating. In his final start during Ford Field, Oct. 5 of 2008 — 6 years ago this entrance Sunday — Orton finished 24 of 34 passes for 334 yards to lead a Chicago Bears to a 34-7 victory.

• The joining announced that Indianapolis reserve LaRon Landry has been dangling though compensate for a subsequent 4 games for violating a NFL process on opening enhancing substances.

• It has a small my-dog-ate-my-homework ring to it, though Joseph Fauria insists it’s true. Fauria, a Detroit Lions’ second-year parsimonious end, pronounced he sprained his left ankle when he slipped on his stairs final Wednesday while perplexing to stop his 3-month aged puppy from peeing in a house.

“Long story short, we was during home after we went to go hang out with some friends on Wednesday night during a small volleyball event, if we guys wish to speak about that, and afterwards it wasn’t until like 11 o’clock, unresolved out with my dog and he did something bad and he ran divided from me,” Fauria said. “I wasn’t using downstairs, though we kind of like was doing it a small faster than common and we missed a final dual stairs and my runner goes to hardwood and we was wearing hosiery and we only put all my weight on my left feet and it was kind of in painful pain.”

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