Jihadist Ties to Turkish-Backed Free Syrian Army Rebels Raises Questions

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In Turkey, questions are being lifted about a makeup of a Free Syrian Army rebels fighting with Turkish army in Syria. Opposition deputies credit a army of being stoical of jihadists, that threatens to have wider informal consequences.

A recently published video shows U.S. Special Forces being forced out of a Syrian city prisoner by a Free Syrian Army not prolonged ago, to a chants of “Death to America” and “No to U.S. imperialism.”

The FSA army are partial of a Turkish-backed involvement into Syria, directed during stealing Islamic State.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, vocalization Monday before withdrawal for a United Nations General Assembly in New York, downplayed a incident. Erdogan pronounced it was insurgent annoy toward Washington over what he called a “failed Syria policy.” Opposition parties in Turkey contend it is serve justification of a Ankara-backed forces’ links to radical Jihadist groups.

Ankara has discharged such concerns, observant all a groups it is subsidy go to a assuage opposition.

Well-founded concerns

Political columnist Kadri Gursel of Turkey’s Cumhuriyet newspaper says such concerns are well-founded, even yet a groups concerned are related to a U.S.-led bloc opposite Islamic State.

”These are 8 to 10 groups equipped, armed and lerned by Qatari and Saudi income orderly by Turkey and also helped by a CIA. we do not concede to this assuage presentation; they are jihadists, all of them are jihadists and jihadists do cannibalize any other. And we can see former ISIS militants spin to assuage Islamists overnight.”

Ankara has been demure to give minute information on a makeup of a FSA elements it is ancillary in Syria. Critics indicate out that bargain a insurgent army is formidable by a bent of fighters to rename their organizations or simply join another group.

With FSA army securing augmenting territory, many particularly a limit city of Jarablus, how they act will be a pivotal test, says Turkish columnist Semih Idiz of Al Monitor website.

Jarablus, Syria

“They now have Jarablus underneath their control, and Turkey says that it will not be Turkey using a place, though a people themselves, and their army, a Free Syrian Army. Now how they act there, and what kind of restrictions or liberties or freedoms they allow, this will also establish also how a West and Russia demeanour on some of Turkey’s allies,” pronounced Idiz.

Analysts contend Moscow and Tehran have given taciturn capitulation of Turkey’s troops intrusion into Syria, charity usually amiable criticism.

That could change with Erdogan announcing Turkish-backed insurgent army might enhance their operation to control as most as 5,000 block kilometers of Syria.

Such an enlargement would take Turkish armed army and a Free Syrian Army elements it is ancillary tighten to a Syrian regime and Iranian-backed forces.

Former comparison Turkish diplomat Aydin Selcen, who served extensively in a region, warns a deepening Turkish troops purpose carries critical risks for Ankara.

“In a misfortune box scenario, this troops operation inside Syria can turn out of control. There can be all sides in troops dispute around this tiny area, al- Bab Manbij,” pronounced Selcen.

Analysts advise Ankara might afterwards find it some-more formidable to control a Free Syrian Armed forces.

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