Jihadi John temperament suggested as Mohammed Emwazi: Feb 26 as it happened

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23.21 White House: We can’t endorse “Jihadi John” identity

22.25 Channel 4 has oral to British doctors operative in Syrian
hospitals in 2013, who
have some-more sum about Emwazi
He had a clever dislike of Britain,
they said, and scowled when a nation was mentioned. He would customarily admit
to being “kind of” British when asked, and customarily identified as
Yemeni-Kuwaiti, vocalization Arabic as a initial language.

22.15 While many British-raised fighters adopt a “al-Britaini”
nom-de-guerre, Emwazi was famous by a Arabic name Abu Muharib al-Yemeni –
an embracing of his Yemeni roots and rejecting of his British ones.

Emwazi initial assimilated Jabhat al-Nusra, a al-Qaeda-aligned Islamist group
fighting in Syria, before defecting to Isil, sources said.

21.01 Colin Freeman, a Telegraph’s Chief Foreign
Correspondent, has traced a series of radicals – including Mohammed Emwazi –
who were born
and lifted in Ladbroke Grove
an area of west London:

Court papers seen by The Telegraph exhibit that Emwazi was partial of an
dynamic network of extremists around Ladbroke Grove, many of them
obvious to a confidence services. A series have left to quarrel in Syria,
nonetheless a group’s initial ambience of dispute came during slightest 5 years ago, when
they lerned with a al-Shabaab belligerent organization in Somalia.

According to a Home Office authorised ask from 2012, they were partial of “a
network of United Kingdom and East African-based Islamist extremists
endangered in a sustenance of supports and apparatus to Somalia for
terrorism-related purposes.”

That authorised document, that was associated to ostensible TPIMs – Terrorism
Preventation and Investigation Measures – now reads like a Who’s Who of the
British jihadist scene.

Among a names on it is Emwazi himself, whose initial purported try to
enrol with al-Shabaab finished in disaster when he was arrested on attainment in
Tanzania in May 2009.

20.20 The daughter of murdered British assist workman David Haines,
Bethany, has told ITV News that knowing
Jihadi John’s temperament was “a good step”
– nonetheless she will
feel genuine use when he has been killed.

19.39 A former schoolmate of Emwazi, who did not wish to be named,
remembered him as a football-mad youngster who was customarily “one of a boys”.

She said: “He was a sincerely still child nonetheless he always seemed really good and

“He preferred his football and he was really many one of a boys. There was no
reason not to like him given he was customarily an normal kid.

“When we were about 11 he went off to a opposite propagandize and we never saw
him again. we can’t trust he went on to be such a terrible person.”

19.23 The Telegraph’s Raf Sanchez has interviewed Adam Goldman,
a Washington Post contributor who broke
a story on Jihadi John’s identity
with his co-worker Souad
Mekhennet. Here is an mislay (here is a full article: How
a Washington Post unmasked Jihadi John

The clues that led to a unmasking of Jihadi John came in fragments.

Former hostages pronounced that a Islamic State torpedo spoke smooth Arabic, a
spirit that he was not from Britain’s vast Pakistani or Bangladeshi

He done his captives watch online videos from al-Shabaab, a Somali terror
group, that suggested he competence have had had an seductiveness in jihad in east
Africa before streamer to Syria.

“I was perplexing to collect adult pieces of information, information points, scraps,”
pronounced Adam Goldman, a Washington Post contributor who pennyless a story with his
co-worker Souad Mekhennet. “It was hard, man. People were tight-lipped
about this.”

When Goldman finally sealed in on a name of Mohammed Emwazi, a
Kuwaiti-born British citizen who grew adult in west London, dual things quickly
became evident.

The initial was that a name on a possess would strew small light on the
temperament of a male who taunted a West in Isil’s hideous videos. Emwazi
had fundamentally zero of a internet participation we would design from a male in
his mid-twenties. No Facebook account, no Twitter, no digital trace.

“The track was thin. Which was peculiar given in this day and age if you’re
26-years-old you’re all over a internet,” pronounced Goldman. Emwazi’s computer
skills, honed during a University of Westminster, competence have helped him scrub
his record.

It also became transparent that a lot of people – on both sides of a Atlantic –
knew a name nonetheless had kept it quiet.

18.47 Here is a video shave of CAGE orator Cerie Bullivant storming
out of a Sky News speak with Kay Burley after she told him to “get
over yourself”:

18.34 The Telegraph’s Gregory Walton reports from a Greewich
Islamic centre apparently attended by Emwazi:

The Mosque, situated on a bustling categorical highway in Plumstead, is undergoing extensive

A solid tide of Somali-origin organization were seen entering a centre for
afternoon prayers on Thursday.

None were peaceful to criticism on Mr Emwazi’s reported links to a area.

A military demonstration outpost arrived during a Greenwich Islamic centre shortly after 1pm
and military officers were posted in a retard around a centre for many of
a afternoon.

17.47 Shiraz Maher from King’s College London dismisses
claims by British advocacy organization Cage that Jihadi John was driven into
extremism by MI5 as “pathetic”:

17.30 An eventuality during University
of Westminster entitled ‘Who is Mohammad’
has been cancelled,
according to a Facebook post:

The University of Westminster has deferred a “Who is Mohammad”
eventuality due to a rumours about a “Jihadi John” story and this
has been used to postpone a event.

Details about a new date for a eventuality will be posted really shortly in sha

17.19 In 2011, a Daily
Mail reported that Tulisa was taken out school
for a year “after
she suffered bullying, that her father says was triggered by jealousy as
she started to suffer success with a Lickle Rinsers”.

“In a end, Plato took his daughter out of a propagandize for a year, before
she returned to another in a area, Quintin Kynaston.”

17.16 Tulisa, a thespian and former X Factor judge, is believed to have
during some indicate attended a same delegate propagandize as Emwazi: Quintin Kynaston
Community Academy, in St John’s Wood, London.

17.11 A Tanzanian immigration officer who worked during a international
airfield in a country’s categorical city, Dar es Salaam, clearly remembers the
3 organization including Emwazi being incarcerated in May 2009, Mike Pflanz reports
from Nairobi.

They arrived on KLM from Amsterdam and we had been told by a international
confidence partners that they should be questioned closely,” a man
said, refusing to be named and refusing to endorse that a sequence to stop
a 3 came from British intelligence.

“I was on change nonetheless we was not directly involved. Other comparison organization did
it. They stopped them, a German and a British, and took them for
questioning. They were ostensible to be put behind on a really same aircraft to
lapse that night, nonetheless in detaining them, a officers missed a vessel and
a moody left.

“We hosted them until a subsequent moody in a secure facility. we know
zero about that, as we was on leave a subsequent day.”

Other sources in Tanzania pronounced a organization were kept during Stakishari Prison
between a Julius Nyerere International Airport and a city centre. It is
famous for a heartless conditions.

17.00 Vice
and Daily Mirror’s Alan Selby are now stating that the
University of Westminster’s Islamic Society has deferred an eventuality due to be
reason tonight.

Haitham al-Haddad was due to give a speak during an eventuality entitled “Who is
[Prophet] Muhammad?” The
Guardian reported
that he is “alleged to have described
homosexuality as ‘a scourge’ and ‘a rapist act'”.

His approaching participation had caused many issues and members of an LGBT society
captivated some-more than 2,500 signatures to a petition to stop him “preaching

16.50 Mohammed Shafiq, arch executive of a Ramadhan
, has pronounced a explanation of Emwazi’s name and MI5’s
hit with him means there are questions to be asked.

The explanation of a temperament of Jihadi John, a male obliged or involved
in a heartless and barbarous murder of trusting people in Syria/Iraq contingency be a
possibility to brand and move him to probity in a probity of law.

“There are questions for a confidence services who were wakeful of who
he was, what he was doing and because he was authorised to leave a nation when
he was deemed a threat. We know that Mohammed Emwazi has been a chairman of
seductiveness in a series of terrorism trials given 2010.

“What we can't get divided from is that what he stands for and his
impasse in ISIS is a justification of it was ever indispensable that they are
demented people who have no honour of tellurian life. What they do in
Syria and Iraq does not paint any faith and is a cancer within the
Middle East.

“When opposed terrorism we contingency not be fearful to plead a root
causes that embody a ill beliefs used to clear their actions,
western unfamiliar routine and a separation between those that oversee us and
immature people.

“In a finish we reject terrorism and mount intentionally together to
confront and exterminate this cancer.”


16.22 Bernadette Meehan, US National Security Council spokesman, has
expelled a statement:

“The US Government continues to examine a murder of American
adults by Isil. We will not criticism on ongoing investigations and
therefore are not in a position to endorse or repudiate a temperament of this

As a boss has said, no matter how prolonged it takes, a United States will
not rest until we find and reason accountable a terrorists who are
obliged for a murders of a citizens. We are operative closely with our
general partners, including a British Government, to do everything
we can to move these murderers to justice.

“Along with a bloc partners, a United States will continue to
lead a quarrel to reduce and eventually better Isil.”

The Telegraph’s Luke Heighton who was during a discussion reliable that
Mr Qureshi pronounced Emwazi’s family do not trust he is Jihadi John.

He also pronounced he wasn’t wakeful of any hit between a family and security
services other than on one arise 4 months after they initial reported
him missing.

16.14 In comments that are certain to incite many, Mr Qureshi claimed the
goal behind a Counter Terrorism and Security Act is allied to “encouraging
relatives to emporium their children”, Luke Heighton reports from the

He pronounced CAGE promotes British values such as Habeas Corpus and Magna Carta.

16.11 A orator for Steven Sotloff’s family has pronounced they are “relieved”
to hear a news.

Steven Sotloff was killed in Sep by Islamic State militants and in the
video of his beheading, Emwazi featured.

16.08 There is now a Q and A that has been lonesome by CAGE itself on

15.47 Luke Heighton reports from a CAGE press conference:

Cerie Bullivant talked about his believe of going on a run, living
underneath a control order, and contingent freedom, compares a UK to Burma. He
purported stream UK legislation obliges all polite servants, including doctors
and teachers, “to view on Muslims”.

“All killings nonetheless due routine are wrong,” he added.

But says UK unfamiliar routine “drives people to this [ie. Jihadi John style]

Asim Qureshi

15.37 The Telegraph’s Luke Heighton reports from a CAGE press

Qureshi customarily held his voice and sounded like he was great when he called
Emwazi “a pleasing immature man”.

15.26 At a press discussion in London, Qureshi says he has known
Emwazi given summer 2009 and that a belligerent nicknamed Jihadi John, who
is wanted for beheading several British and American hostages, was “extremely
kind, intensely gentle…most common immature chairman we ever knew”.

I wish things could have incited out differently for him.

15.15 A video of CAGE’s Asim Qureshi explaining his take on how
Emwazi was radicalised:

15.08 King’s College London’s International
Centre for a Study of Radicalisation
has expelled a following

We trust that a temperament and name published by a Washington Post and now
in a open realm, to be accurate and correct.

‘Jihadi John’ is not special in a clarity that all a unfamiliar fighters
have attempted to censor their temperament by regulating pseudonyms or literally by
masking themselves.

The fact that ‘Jihadi John’ has been denounced in this demeanour demonstrates
that whatever efforts are made, a ability to facade one’s temperament is
singular or in fact impossible, and their loyal identities will eventually be

This demonstrates what we have prolonged pronounced about radicalisation, that it is
not something driven by misery or amicable deprivation. Ideology clearly
plays a vast purpose in motivating some organization to attend in jihadist causes.

British fighters have clearly demonstrated that they are not in this
dispute to take a behind seat. They are full participants in this war,
handling as self-murder bombers, warrant takers, and executioners.

Block of flats in Maida Vale where Mohammed Emwazi is suspicion to have
lived lived (Paul Grover/The Telegraph)

14.59 The Telegraph’s Gregory Walton reports from a Greewich
Islamic centre
apparently attended by Emwazi:

A worshipper during a Greenwich Islamic centre who declined to give his name
denied all believe of Emwazi.

“By God we don’t know him,” he said.

14.52 Professor Jane Lewis, refused to criticism on Emwazi, Rossalyn
Warren of BuzzFeed reports.

14.30 Residents in West London are shocked
that one of their neighbours, Mohammed Emwazi, has allegedy been unmasked as
Islamic State executioner “Jihadi John”


David Haines, who was murdered by Isil in a video featuring Jihadi John

14.13 Two US supervision sources have reliable to Reuters that Emwazi
is Jihadi John


14.03 The CAGE statements, blaming British confidence services for radicalising
, are starting to incite snub on Twitter:

14.02 And a third
CAGE statement
, claiming MI5 attempted to partisan Emwazi:

As a outcome of Mohammed’s refusal to work for a MI5, they have caused him to
mislay many income on tickets for flights, dual intensity marriages, a good job
(and given a stream mercantile conditions he hadn’t been means to find a new
one), and given Aug 2010 he was incompetent to lapse to his nation of birth.
Furthermore, he and his family had been severely unsettled by the
nonessential nuisance and danger they suffered from British
comprehension agents.

13.55 The Telegraph’s Victoria Ward reports:

The Maida Vale residence during that Emwazi lived between 2005 and 2007 is a large,
atmospheric palace block.

He lived in a three-bedroomed prosaic that was believed to have been rented.
A identical prosaic in a same retard recently sole for £1.2million.

Neighbours who were vital in a retard during a time had no correlation of
him or his family and pronounced they “must have kept themselves to themselves”.

13.50 More from a CAGE
matter on Emwazi

In 2012, Mohammed chose to totally change instruction in posterior a future
life outward of a UK. His disappointment with his difficulty resulted in him
selecting to commence a SELTA (English denunciation teaching) march with two
other friends, that he upheld well.

Following this success, Mohammed Emwazi undertook interviews with a number
of English denunciation centres in Saudi Arabia, customarily to find out a while his
dual friends had been accepted, he had been deserted and would not be means to
make a new life he desired.

In early 2013, Mohammed’s father suggested that he should consider about
changing his name by help poll, so that maybe a name that he had been
famous underneath so far, competence not means him serve problems as he sought to
travel. He complied with his father’s suggestion, and before prolonged officially
became famous as Mohammed al-Ayan.

With one final hurl of a dice, Mohammed bought a sheet for Kuwait, and
attempted to transport there. Once again, he was undone as he was barred
from travel, and once again questioned by a confidence agencies.

13.37 Another extraordinary
matter from CAGE has been released

Mohammed Emwazi is a British citizen who was subjected to confidence agency
nuisance for during slightest 4 years.

He was regularly incarcerated during airports, deported, barred from entering
countries and even allegedly assaulted by officers. This diagnosis prevented
him from heading a normal life while carrying no means to obtain redress, even
nonetheless no justification was ever presented to advise he committed any wrongdoing.

Alan Henning, one of a British hostages murdered by Isil in video
featuring Emwazi

13.20 An unnamed comparison British confidence central has confimed
Emwazi’s temperament to the New
York Times

13.09 CAGE,
a tellurian rights organization that was endangered in a marker of
Emwazi, has expelled a argumentative statement,
blaming a British
confidence services for causing immature Muslim organization to turn “disenfranchised”
and who have “turned to violence”:

2001, a British authorities have evenly shifted a spotlight away
from a unfamiliar routine and a confidence agencies by fixation censure for
assault during home and abroad usually on Muslims.

British confidence services have evenly intent in a nuisance of
immature Muslims, digest their lives unfit and withdrawal them with no
authorised entrance to calibrate their situation.

A Washington Post match contacted CAGE per a story she was
operative on. CAGE Research Director, Asim Qureshi met with a journalist,
where she inquired about a name Mohammad Emwazi. Qureshi went divided with
that information and checked CAGE’s files, divulgence that Emwazi was a case
that he had worked on due to confidence use harassment. The following day,
a publisher suggested to Qureshi that she knew from her possess sources, that
a male famous as Jihadi John was Mohammad Emwazi. The publisher showed
Qureshi a video of Jihadi John in sequence to brand him. Qureshi clarified
that while there were some distinguished similarities, that due to a hood,
there was no approach he could be 100% certain.

13.03 Here is a round-up of what
we know so distant about Mohammed Emwazi

13.00 A orator from a University of Westminster said:

A Mohammed Emwazi left a University 6 years ago. If these allegations are
true, we are repelled and disgusted by a news. Our thoughts are with the
victims and their families.

We have students from 150 countries and their reserve is of paramount
concern. With other universities in London, we are operative to exercise the
Government’s Prevent plan to tackle extremism.

We are environment adult a dedicated rural organisation to yield recommendation and support.
In a meantime, we titillate any students who are endangered to hit the
Student Support and Well-being team.

12.41 Emwazi was apparently six-years-old when a family moved
to London from Kuwait. The Guardian
reports he graduated from Westminster in 2009 in information record and
is smooth in Arabic.

Efforts have been done to mislay his online presence.

12.29 The Telegraph’s Richard Spencer reports:

The BBC tweeted a probity ask from a box involving another suspected
belligerent and a Home Secretary, Theresa May, in that Emwazi is named as an
associate. Its home affairs correspondent, Dominic Casciani, says that
another “core member” of this same organization of West London jihadis,
Bilal Berjawi, was subsequently killed in a workman strike in Somalia

Abdel-Majed Abdel-Bary

12.14 The telegraph’s Richard Spencer reports:

Identification of Mohammed Emwazi as “Jihadi John” means it is not
a British-born
rapper, Abdel-Majid Abdel Bary
, who was once suspected of being the

Abdel Bary’s track to radicalisation was simply traced, in a lyrics of
a songs he achieved as L Jinny, as he became artificial with a
drug-fuelled lifestyle on London’s streets.

His father, Adel Abdel Bary, was one of Britain’s best-known jihadist
sympathisers, who came to London in outcast from his local Egypt. He spent 13
years in jail available extradition to a United States, where he was
indicted of links to a 1998 embassy bombings by al-Qaeda, and where he made
a defence discount and was condemned to 25 years in jail this month.

Abdel Bary’s purpose as a jihadist in Syria is not in doubt, however – he
tweeted a design of himself holding a severed conduct of a restrained in
Raqqa, Syria, saying: “Chillin’ with my homie or what’s left of him”.

12.09 The Telegraph’s Matthew Holehouse reports:

Downing Street has indicated disappointment during a fixing of Jihadi John, saying
a recover of names can criticise investigations.

The Prime Minister’s Deputy Official Spokesman declined to criticism directly
on a matter, observant No 10 never comments inhabitant confidence issues.

But she said: “The Prime Minister would be endangered about information
being put into a open domain during any time that competence imperil ongoing
military or confidence investigation, or indeed a reserve of British citizens.”

Asked if a fixing had undermined a stream investigation, she said: “We
are not going to go into a details, nonetheless there is an ongoing investigation.
It is positively right that we concede a military and confidence agencies to do
all they can to move those obliged to probity and keep British people

“We are positively dynamic to move a perpetrators to justice,
and a military and confidence agencies are operative tough to do that.”

12.07 The Telegraph’s Ben Farmer reports from maida Vale;

A neighbour during a Levee House residence pronounced a family consisted of four
children and dual relatives and they’d lived there for around 4 years. The
father used to be a minicab driver.

The eldest son, in his 20s, has not been seen for several years.

The family are Arab and described as. “Nice and normal”.

The women wear hijab (not niqab) and a organization wear western dress.

Police knocked a family residence this morning looking for them.

12.03 Emwazi’s family is suspicion to live in Maida Vale.

A circuitously neighbour told The Telegraph’s Camilla Turner:

This is a really still area, zero out of a typical customarily happens. we am
surprised, we never approaching this. They seem like a nice, normal family.

She pronounced she had not seen Emwzi “for a while”. The Washington Post
reports that Emwazi initial went to Syria in 2012.

12.01 Adam Goldman, a Washington Post, publisher who broke
a story tweets:

11.58 The name John came from hostages who had been released. Emwzi and
other Britons were nicknamed a Beatles – another was dubbed George.

James Foley

11.44 Emwazi initial seemed in a video of a murder of American
publisher James Foley in August, dressed in black with customarily his eyes

He reappeared in videos of a beheadings of US publisher Steven Sotloff,
British assist workman David Haines, American assist workman Peter Kassig and
British gift workman Alan Henning.

Last month, a belligerent seemed in a video with a Japanese hostages
Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto, shortly before they were killed.

11.39 Telegraph news from 2011 on fears that Westminster
University had been infiltrated by Islamist extremists

Westminster University inaugurated Tarik Mahri, 23, to a pursuit of boss of the
kinship notwithstanding his links to a organization Hizb ut-Tahrir that advocates the
investiture of an Islamic state.

His vice-president, Jamal Achchi, 26, also has links to a group, raising
concerns that a university’s tyro kinship has been taken over by

In a past members of a organization have been indicted of enlivening street
assault opposite non-Muslims and of sexism and homophobia.

The Prime Minister has pronounced a organization should be criminialized as it “seeks to
poison immature minds opposite a country” nonetheless a supervision has not
nonetheless taken action.

11.22 The
newspaper reported in a story in 2010 that dual British
jihadists had been stopped by MI5 in Tanzania. In a article, Emwazi is
identified as Muhammad ibn Muazzam. It claims that Emwazi was put on a
apprehension watch list by MI5:

Abu Talib and Muhammad ibn Muazzam, both in their mid-20s, and a German friend
travelling with them, lay they were threatened with beatings by members
of Tanzania’s confidence forces. After being refused entrance to Tanzania they
were returned to a Netherlands, where they contend they were questioned by MI5
agents who indicted them of carrying links to Islamic extremists.

11.18 Immediately after a Washington Post published a name, a BBC
also expelled a story, explaining they had selected not to expose Jihadi John
progressing for operational reasons.

11.12 Asim Qureshi, investigate executive during a rights group, CAGE,
told a Washington Post:

There was an intensely clever resemblance.

This is creation me feel sincerely certain that this is a same person.

11.12 Telegraph video on a arise of Isil:

11.00 The belligerent apparently complicated mechanism sciences at
Westminister University. The Washington Post describes Emwazi as Kuwaiti
innate and in his mid-20s. He was apparently lifted in a center class
community in north London and spasmodic prayed during a mosque in
Greenwich. Friends told a Post that Emwazi began to radicalise after a
designed safari to Tanzania following his graduation from Westminster.

Emwazi and dual friends were arrested in Dar-es-Salaam in May 2009 and then
deported. He afterwards flew to Amsterdam where he apparently claimed an officer
from MI5 indicted him of perplexing to join al-Shabaab.

One of Emwazi’s tighten friends who identified him told a Post

I have no doubt that Mohammed is Jihadi John.

He was like a hermit to me. . . . we am certain it is him.

10.50 Jihadi John named as Mohammed Emwazi, according to reports in the
– follow latest updates here.

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