Jesse Ventura’s Theory of Politics

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Jesse Ventura: No, not during all. We went in to do a investigate and we spent about a year, we know, researching and anticipating a quotes, since of march in a book we go all a approach behind to a Founding Fathers and some of a things they pronounced to any other, that we found unequivocally remarkable. They weren’t by a campfire singing kumbaya behind in those days apparently. Because what John Adams pronounced about George Washington, and what he and Jefferson pronounced about any other was not unequivocally complimentary.

You could move it into today’s choosing solely they spoke a small some-more eloquently we consider that what we do today. But a extraordinary thing about that was even with them not removing along, that apparently is transparent by some of a quotes we uncover we in a book, we privately found that they still got together, they still combined a fabric of this good country, a Constitution, and a Bill of Rights so it shows clearly in those days anyways. Adversarial people could come together for a common good and a country, and I’m fearful we don’t see so many of that today.

Newkirk: we saw. we consider a one that we unequivocally favourite was a one about wrestling being like ballet. [Laughs.]

Ventura: Well we always settled that. we consider pro-wrestling is like ballet with violence. You know they’re unusual athletes, only like Nureyev or a other good ballet stars, we know. Yes it’s choreographed a bit though it doesn’t lessen their jaunty ability and how gifted they truly are, and it is theater, we know, let’s be honest about it. So what it is, I’ve always suspicion a best approach to report wrestling is ballet with violence. [Laughs.] Because many ballets don’t have as many assault as wrestling, during slightest a ones I’ve seen. I’m not a ballet expert—I’m many some-more associating of wrestling—but a ballets I’ve seen in my life, they don’t utterly have a assault that wrestling does.

Newkirk: There’s a lot of things in there about Trump. A lot of a things that Donald Trump said. Is he singled out?

Ventura: No, not a bit. In fact, you’ll notice—it’s only that he says more! You know if you’ve got a chairman that will, for miss of improved terms, hang their feet in their mouths some-more often. If we notice in a book, George W. Bush got a whole chapter, Sarah Palin got one, since they seem to be a ones to contend a many absurd things during a many absurd times. And so naturally if you’re some-more gifted during doing that you’re gonna get some-more atmosphere time, or some-more page time in a book. And that’s how we did it, certain people contend a lot more, so we got “Crap a Republicans say,” “Crap Democrats say,” and afterwards we mangle it down to those individuals, and a Bush administration … Oh my, we could write a whole book on them alone.

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