Jesse Jackson slams Amazon’s farrago report: ‘White masculine supremacy’

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E-commerce hulk released a report Friday that offers sum on a company’s diversity. Shortly after a release, The Washington Post forked out that a company’s employees are “mostly white and male,” observant that a information suggests Amazon’s workforce looks a lot like those of tech giants Google and Facebook.

The news reveals that Amazon’s workforce is 63 percent masculine and 37 percent female. The news also reveals that 75 percent of a company’s managers are male. According to a report, 60 percent of Amazon’s U.S. workforce is white and that African Americans comprise 15 percent of a workforce.

Shortly after being released, a news already had a really outspoken and obvious critic: a Rev. Jesse Jackson. “It’s lopsided toward white masculine supremacy,” Jackson told The Seattle Times.

According to a newspaper, a polite rights personality has prolonged been advocating for a recover of a company’s farrago numbers. “The numbers are annoying to them,” Jackson noted.

Business Insider notes that Amazon relies on Affinity Groups to assistance a association establish where it should combine a farrago efforts.

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