Ivanka Trump’s Reaction To Donald Trump’s Dating Remark From 2006 Revealed

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On a radio speak uncover in 2006, President-elect Donald Trump (in)famously pronounced he would date his daughter Ivanka, who was also on a show, if they weren’t related. Ivanka’s greeting to her father’s criticism from 10 years ago flush on Thanksgiving morning when publisher Sarah Kendzior tweeted a acknowledgement she made in an Aug 2006 “Quotables” territory of the Chicago Tribune.

“If he wasn’t my father, we would mist him with Mace,” she said at a time.

Over a years, Trump has done several comments per his eldest daughter’s looks.

In Mar 2006, Donald and Ivanka seemed on ABC’s “The View” to foster a businesswoman’s five-episode army as a boardroom confidant on “The Apprentice.” When asked how he would conflict if Ivanka, a former teen model, acted for Playboy, Trump replied: “It would be unequivocally unsatisfactory — not unequivocally — though it would count on what’s inside a magazine. I don’t consider Ivanka would do that, nonetheless she does have a really good figure.” Later on a show, he pronounced that if Ivanka weren’t his daughter, “perhaps I’d be dating her.”

Following Trump’s comments, his deputy released a matter that pronounced a business noble “was positively joking.”

“He was creation fun of himself for his bent to date younger women,” Jim Dowd told a Associated Press during a time. “It’s a clarity of amusement that people don’t see [from him] all a time.”

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