Islamic State: US-led airstrikes aim oil resources in Syria

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US-led jet fighters launched new airstrikes overnight, targeting Syrian oilfields underneath a control of a self-declared Islamic State, in an bid to reduce a group’s financial assets.

The Pentagon pronounced in a statement that US planes and drones, alongside Saudi and United Arab Emirates forces, strike about a dozen oil refineries in eastern Syria that were estimated to acquire about $2 million per day for IS, a Los Angeles Times reports. The US Treasury has designated several IS-connected people and one gift as terrorists, in a concurrent bid to cut off IS’s financial supply lines.

“We are still assessing a outcome of a conflict on a refineries, yet have initial indications that a strikes were successful,” U.S. Central Command pronounced in a statement. “These small-scale refineries supposing fuel to run ISIL operations, income to financial their continued attacks … and an mercantile item to support their destiny operations.”

The matter pronounced a comforts constructed 300 to 500 barrels of polished petroleum per day. Experts contend a Islamic State relies on oil bootlegging as a pivotal source of income for a troops operations. The organisation also raises income from robberies, ransoms, coercion and fatiguing internal communities.

Retired US Army Col. Peter Mansoor warned that throttling IS’s finances would be a long, formidable project, and that airstrikes were usually a partial of a effort. “Even if we stop their oil upsurge today, they still have about a billion dollars in a bank,” he told CNN.

“They seized about a third of a billion dollars from a executive bank of Mosul (Iraq).” On tip of that, Mansoor said, ISIS has garnered millions of dollars in ransoms from European governments for hostages and have traded most of their oil.” …

“So it’s doubtful these airstrikes have crippled ISIS. As a President has said, it’s going to be a prolonged campaign, and it will be months — maybe years — before ISIS is dealt a critical blow absent any arrange of belligerent force to go in and base them out on a ground.

In July, a Financial Times challenged a claim, that Mansoor repeated, that IS had looted hundreds of millions of dollars in income from banks in Mosul. It cited Iraqi bankers as observant that the robberies never happened and income was still in vaults. 

Reuters reports that according to a Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London-based watchdog organization, a oilfield airstrikes killed 14 IS fighters and 5 civilians.

According to a Observatory, airstrikes were also launched Wednesday night against IS army in northern Syria, nearby a limit with Turkey. Rami Abdulrahman, who runs a Observatory, told Reuters that a strikes took place about 20 miles west of Kobane, that has been underneath encircle by IS forces. Reuters couldn’t exclusively endorse a strikes, and a aircraft’s nation of start is unknown, yet Mr. Abdulrahman says they came from a instruction of Turkey and did not seem to be Syrian Air Force.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that fighting in northern Syria between Kurdish army and IS militants has driven tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into Turkey. “This series of people in such a brief duration of time is a top we have seen” in Turkey, a mouthpiece for a United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees told a Monitor.

More than 140,000 people fled Syria in a past few days. In a touching sign of a disproportionate weight Turkey shoulders as a outcome of a fight subsequent door, that series matches Europe’s sum interloper intake given Apr 2011. Before this influx, Turkey already counted 1.5 million refugees, a total that includes unregistered individuals.

The Turkish government, assisted by general and internal assist agencies, is racing opposite a time to yield for this fast flourishing population. Its limit process is a ethereal balancing act. On a one hand, a lives of many count on palliate of entry. On a other, a supervision is underneath outrageous vigour to tie a limit to stymie IS.

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