Islamic State urges attacks on US, calls Obama ‘mule of a Jews’

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BAGHDAD – Islamic State urged a supporters on Monday to dispute adults of a United States, France and other countries that have assimilated a bloc to destroy a belligerent group.

Islamic State orator Abu Muhammad al-Adnani also taunted US President Barack Obama and other Western “crusaders” in a matter carried by a SITE monitoring website, observant their army faced unavoidable better during a militants’ hands.

The United States is building an general bloc to quarrel a radical Sunni Muslim group, that has seized swathes of domain in Iraq and Syria and admitted a caliphate in a heart of a Middle East.

Adnani pronounced a involvement by a US-led bloc would be a “final debate of a crusaders”, according to SITE’s English-language twin of an audio recording in Arabic.

“It will be damaged and defeated, only as all your prior campaigns were damaged and defeated,” Adnani pronounced in a statement, that urged supporters to dispute US, French, Canadian, Australian and other nationals.

US and French warplanes have struck Islamic State targets in Iraq and on Sunday a United States pronounced other countries had indicated a eagerness to join it if it goes forward with atmosphere strikes opposite a organisation in Syria too.

Washington has also committed $500 million to arm and sight Syrian rebels and has sent 1,600 US infantry behind into Iraq to quarrel a group..

In his statement, Adnani mocked Western leaders over their deepening infantry rendezvous in a segment and pronounced Obama was repeating a mistakes of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

“If we quarrel it (Islamic State), it becomes stronger and tougher. If we leave it alone, it grows and expands. If Obama has betrothed we with defeating a Islamic State, afterwards Bush has also lied before him,” Adnani said, according to a transcript.


Addressing Obama directly, Adnani added: “O jackass of a Jews, we claimed currently that America would not be drawn into a quarrel on a ground. No, it will be drawn and dragged … to a death, grave and destruction.”

Obama, who has spent most of his reign extracting a United States from Iraq after a dear 2003 allege and occupation, is supportive to charges that he is being drawn into another prolonged debate that risks US soldiers’ lives.

While Obama has ruled out a quarrel mission, infantry officials contend a existence of a long debate in Iraq and presumably Syria might eventually need larger use of US troops, including tactical atmosphere strike spotters or front-line advisers embedded with Iraqi forces.

In his statement, Adnani criticized Kurdish fighters who are battling a Islamic State militants in both Syria and Iraq.

“We do not quarrel Kurds since they are Kurds. Rather we quarrel a disbelievers among them, a allies of a crusaders and Jews in their quarrel opposite a Muslims,” Adnani said, adding that there were many Muslim Kurds within a ranks of a Islamic State army.

On Monday, Syrian Kurdish fighters halted an allege by Islamic State to a easterly of a primarily Kurdish city nearby a limit with Turkey, a orator for a categorical Kurdish organisation said.

Adnani also cursed Saudi Arabia, whose comparison Muslim preaching have denounced Islamic State and whose statute stately family has assimilated other Arab states in a oath to tackle belligerent beliefs as partial of a plan to opposite a group.

Adnani slammed Western inaction over a dispute in Syria, where President Bashar Assad’s army have been inextricable in a three-year-old polite quarrel with especially Sunni Muslim fighters. He pronounced a West had “looked a other way” when tub bombs were forsaken and chemical weapons were used opposite Muslim civilians.

“So know that – by Allah – we fear not a swarms of planes, nor ballistic missiles, nor drones, nor satellites, nor battleships, nor weapons of mass destruction,” he said.

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