Islamic State: Iraqi army mangle encircle of Baiji oil refinery

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Nov 15, 2014 23:09:16

Iraq's largest oil refinery in a northern city of Baiji


Iraqi army mangle a Islamic State encircle of Iraq’s largest oil refinery in Baiji. (Stan Honda, record photo: AFP)

Iraqi supervision army have damaged a encircle of a country’s categorical oil refinery, where confidence army reason out for months opposite Islamic State (IS) militants, officials say.

Three officers reliable that Iraqi army had reached a refinery in a country’s north, that once rubbed 300,000 barrels of oil per day, provision about 50 per cent of inhabitant demand.

It had been besieged for months and regularly pounded by jihadists, who were means to enter a vast refinery devalue though unsuccessful to benefit control of it.

The allege to a refinery came a day after another poignant feat for Iraqi forces, who recaptured a vital city of Baiji, only to a south.

Baiji is a largest city they have retaken given IS-led militants overran vast tools of a nation in June.

It lies on a highway to a second city and IS heart Mosul, and a constraint serve isolates militants who reason a city of Tikrit, to a south.

US tip ubiquitous creates warn Baghdad visit

Meanwhile, a United States’ tip infantry officer, General Martin Dempsey, arrived in a Iraqi collateral Baghdad for an unannounced visit.

He was approaching to accommodate US commanders scheming to enhance American assistance to Iraqi and Kurdish army fighting Islamic state militants.

General Dempsey pronounced he came to Iraq to consider a efficacy of a American grant to a quarrel opposite IS and to establish either internal fighters had a resources they needed.

He pronounced Iraq indispensable during slightest 80,000 efficient infantry of their possess to better IS.

The ubiquitous told a House of Representatives Armed Services Committee this week that a doorway remained open to promulgation US belligerent infantry to assistance Iraqi army retake Mosul.



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