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The jailing of a Washington Post contributor though open charges in Iran is not justification of a appetite onslaught between assuage and regressive domestic forces, Iran’s boss pronounced Tuesday.

President Hassan Rouhani, a family moderate, voiced confidence that a generally regressive Iranian law would “comport itself in a satisfactory manner” in a box of contributor Jason Rezaian and his wife, Iranian publisher Yeganeh Salehi, who was also arrested.

“I do not trust this was something preprogrammed opposite my administration,” Rouhani pronounced Tuesday.

Rouhani called for a “resolute fight” opposite Islamic State militants though denounced a U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria as violations of general law and unwelcome Western division in a Middle East.

He voiced wish for a extensive settle with universe powers that would oversee Iran’s chief program, nonetheless prospects for an agreement before a Nov deadline have seemed dim.

Rouhani spoke to U.S. editors and reporters forward of his residence to a U.N. General Assembly this week. The annual U.N. entertainment is a usually time an Iranian personality is authorised to revisit a United States, and a Shiite appetite attorney and U.S. counter has customarily used a height to explain a unfamiliar process and tweak American leaders.

A assembly with President Obama is doubtful this year, Rouhani said. Such a assembly would be ancestral after some-more than 3 decades of animosity between Tehran and Washington. Obama called Rouhani during final year’s General Assembly and has pronounced he would be open to a assembly underneath a right circumstances.

Rouhani is deliberate a domestic reformer, and he bewitched some in a United States final year with considerate domestic overtures and a oath to work for improved relations. He has during slightest a singular charge from Iran’s autarchic eremite personality to pursue a understanding that would quell a country’s chief program, that a West sees as deeply suspect, in sell for a lifting of crippling general sanctions.

Iranian hard-liners are doubtful of a negotiations and Rouhani’s intentions. That inner domestic tragedy has led to conjecture that Rezaian’s detain was an try by hard-liners to confuse Rouhani before his revisit to New York and mystify chances for a chief accord.

Rezaian has been incarcerated by a judiciary, Rouhani said, that has “not nonetheless done a determination” about his case.

He pronounced he was “hopeful and utterly optimistic” that a judiciary would solve a box fairly.

Rezaian is a twin U.S.-Iranian citizen, though Iran has refused to concede diplomats representing a United States to revisit him given he and Salehi were incarcerated Jul 22. Iran does not commend twin citizenship, deliberation anyone holding an Iranian pass to be Iranian only.

The Iranian supervision has pronounced small about Rezaian’s box given he was picked adult in Tehran. Rezaian and Salehi have not been available entrance to a lawyer, according to Rezaian’s family. His mom and hermit contend they have not been authorised to promulgate with him.

In a talk Tuesday, Rouhani suggested that Iran has worked aggressively to quarrel “terrorists” in a region. The United States has sought during slightest a taciturn joining from Iran to play a useful role in opposed Islamic State militants, though Rouhani did not make any commitment.

“Terrorist and impassioned assault is a critical hazard for all of us,” he said. “These groups need a unaffected quarrel to be carried out opposite them.”

Iran is a heading competition of a Sunni-led militants though is reluctant to line adult with an general bloc that is led by Washington and that includes Tehran’s informal rivals, such as Saudi Arabia.

“Who is best competent to lead such a coalition?” Rouhani asked. “Is it probable to do so though meaningful a Middle East segment intensely well?”

He combined that a U.S.-led attacks in Syria “do not have any authorised standing” though U.N. approval.

Iran is a pivotal fan of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and contingency now regulate a policies to change a enterprise to better a Islamic State opposite a interests in gripping Assad in power.

U.S. and Iranian diplomats are assembly this week on a stalled chief accord, amid far-reaching melancholy that Iran is pacific to accept a low cuts to a uranium-enrichment that a West demands.

Rouhani voiced wish for a understanding though pronounced that his nation contingency be means to “maintain a pacific chief program” — a anxiety to uranium enrichment.

Iran insists that it does not find a chief arms and that it produces chief fuel to appetite reactors for appetite prolongation and medical research. The West and a allies fear that Iran could use a improvement module to someday emanate warhead-grade chief material.

Rouhani concurred that U.S. and general sanctions have squeezed his nation’s economy though pronounced Iran has been means to alleviate a blow by stepped-up trade with countries that negligence a measures. China and executive Asian nations, for example, have increased their mercantile links with Iran.

“Is this to a advantage of a American economy, a American people, a universe during large?” he said, job a sanctions “inhumane and opposite tellurian rights.”

Brian Murphy in Washington contributed to this report.

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