Investors get a idea from cars, homes and jobs

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How’s a economy unequivocally doing? Investors find out this week by examination 3 things: cars, houses and jobs.

Investors looking for new datapoints on a economy will get them this week, if they know where to look. Two large companies connected with a automobile attention news profit. Car tools seller Autozone (AZO) reports on Monday. Analysts are job for 8% growth. Perhaps some-more revelation will be automobile seller Carmax (KMX) on Tuesday. Consumers buy cars when they’re feeling confident. Analysts see gain adult 8%

Confident consumers buy cars, and houses. Homebuilder KB Home (KBH) reports Wednesday. Analysts wish to see 46% aloft profit. Investors will be looking for clues about a stronger housing market. Existing home sales information are also due out Monday.

Car and home sales are powered by jobs. And there’s information this week on that, too. Payroll processor Paychex (PCX) reports on Wednesday. More paystubs means some-more jobs. Earnings are approaching to be adult 4.5%. But what’s some-more critical is what Paychex sees in employing trends.

True, $200 sneakers aren’t as critical as homes or cars. But Nike’s (NKE) gain news is useful – generally when it comes to gauging tellurian demand. The association is stating Thursday. Analysts see distinction inching adult only 2.3%. But investors will wish to hear about what Nike is saying from other tools of a world, including China.

There’s also GDP data. But investors know to watch cars, houses and jobs.


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