Intel Networking: XL710 Fortville 40 Gigabit Ethernet and VXLAN Acceleration

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So, to coincide with their E5-2600 v3 launch, Intel is deliberating virtualized LANs and new, high-speed PCIe-based, networking adapters. Xeons are typically used in servers and their networking add-in play will mostly contrition what we see on a consumer machine. One of these play supports adult to twin 40GbE connections, configurable to 4 10GbE, for all a bandwidth.

The Intel XL710 is their new network controller, that we am told is being made during 28nm. It is presumably some-more energy efficient, as well. In their example, a prior twin 10-gigabit controller will devour 5.2W of energy while a singular 40-gigabit will devour 3.3W. In terms of a network adapter, that is a poignant reduction, that is really critical in a information core due to a series of machines and a compulsory atmosphere conditioning.

As for a virtualized networking partial of a announcement, Intel is heavily compelling Software-defined networking (SDN). Intel mentioned twin techniques to assistance boost serviceable bandwidth and diminution CPU utilization, that is critical during 40 gigabits.

Receive Side Scaling disabled

The initial is “generic segmentation offload” for VXLAN (VXLAN GSO) that allows a horde of any given tie to cube information some-more well to send out over a practical network.

Generic Segmentation Offload disabled

The second is TCP L4 Receive Side Scaling (RSS), that splits trade between mixed accept queues (and can be managed by mixed CPU threads). we am not a network admin and we will not explain to know how existent platforms conduct trade during this level. Still, Intel seems to explain that this NIC and CPU height will outcome in aloft effective bandwidth and improved multi-core CPU function (that we design will lead to reduce energy consumption).

Both enabled

If it works as advertised, it could be a win for business who buy into a Intel ecosystem.

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