Intel demos collision-avoidance worker that will go on sale this year

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Intel put on an interesting uncover for a CES opening keynote Tuesday night, with BMX bikes jumping opposite a theatre and a live demo of a worker that can equivocate obstacles in flight.

CEO Brian Krzanich called it “the many worldly collision deterrence record in a consumer drone,” and conspicuous it would sell for reduction than US$2,000 when it goes on sale in a initial half of this year.

Called a Typhoon H and done by Yuneec (pronounced “unique”), a worker uses Intel’s RealSense 3D camera record to automatically evasion obstacles while in flight.

Brian Krzanich shows a Typhoon H

It also has a 4K camera, and collapsible propellers to make it portable. A arrangement lets a controller see what a camera is saying in genuine time.

Intel showed a identical record final year, though usually in a antecedent product. The Typhoon H creates a record affordable to consumers, during slightest according to Intel’s math.

RealSense uses 3 cameras — a prophesy camera, an infrared camera, and an infrared laser projector — to magnitude abyss and map out a universe around it. The record is also used in laptops, tablets and other devices.

A laptop propitious with a RealSense camera

To uncover a worker in action, Intel cordoned off an area down a side of a auditorium where a keynote took place. A cyclist rode along a march and a worker followed, dodging really plastic-looking trees along a way.

“We trust we’re truly on a verge of a worker revolution,” Krzanich said. He also likely that fireworks will turn a thing of a past, transposed by swarms of bright drones in a sky.

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