In Our Opinion: Speak adult about tube while we can

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Posted: Friday, Jan 9, 2015 6:00 am

In Our Opinion: Speak adult about tube while we can

One of a things we have bemoaned about a due Constitution Pipeline is a fact that, on balance, we have small internal control over a project. 

Since a plan would cranky state lines, bringing gas from northeastern Pennsylvania to dual existent pipelines that cranky by a Schoharie County city of Wright, most of a management ruling it has complacent with a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 

Granted, FERC did reason internal hearings final year to appeal open criticism from communities along a tube route. But this is one box when a innumerable levels of bureaucracy ruling projects such as these can indeed work in opponents’ favor. 

While a state of New York can't practice finish control over a Constitution Pipeline, it does get to have a contend in a matter in a form of permits. And it is these permits — which include an Air Title V assent for a due compressor hire enlargement in Wright, as good as a Water Quality Certification, a Protection of Waters permit, a Water Withdrawal assent and a Freshwater Wetlands assent for state-protected wetlands and adjacent areas for a tube designation — that will be a theme of 3 internal hearings by a state Department of Environmental Conservation. 

The 6 p.m. hearings, that start Monday in Binghamton and continue Tuesday during SUNY Oneonta and Wednesday during SUNY Cobleskill, give area residents a possibility to import in on a permits that have a ability to make or mangle a Constitution project. 

And if a FERC hearings are any indication, subsequent week’s hearings are expected to be flattering lively. 

A moving FERC conference in Oneonta in Apr hosted some-more than 400 people. An progressing conference in Richmondville hosted some-more than 300 people, including kinship workers ancillary a tube and a tyro who begged sovereign officials to keep a tube divided from her school. 

While it can mostly feel as if we get railroaded into (or divided from) projects such as a pipeline, it’s critical to remember that these hearings — and a open criticism duration that is ongoing by Jan. 30 — paint a genuine event for people’s views on a plan to be heard, only as they were behind in 2014 when FERC hold a possess hearings. 

As we have pronounced before: No one who is against to this plan needs to take it fibbing down. Those who are directly influenced by a tube have many collection during their ordering to quarrel this project, including lawsuits and other forms of resistance. But a hearings, and a open criticism period, are singular in that they are democratic. Anyone might share his or her opinions, and have them counted among a rest, regardless of preparation level, mercantile standing or other factors. 

We inspire everybody who has an seductiveness in this plan to attend subsequent week’s hearings, or to contention comments to a DEC. Information about both can be found online at

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Friday, Jan 9, 2015 6:00 am.

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