Ignore a PC Backlash. In a Trump Era, Democratic Politics Have to Be “Identity Politics.”

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Contrast that greeting with what happened on Friday, when Mike Pence attended Hamilton. At a show’s conclusion, a actor Brandon Victor Dixon delivered a summary to a clamp president–elect, seeking for honour for a groups targeted by Trump. “We, sir—we—are a different America who are dumbfounded and concerned that your new administration will not strengthen us, a planet, a children, a parents, or urge us and defend a inalienable rights,” he said. Unlike Trump’s outing to a 21 Club, this sparked screeches of indignation about New York elitism. There was a viral #BoycottHamilton hashtag campaign, and a threat from Bikers for Trump to besiege a Richard Rodgers Theatre. Trump himself tweeted a series of attacks on a Hamilton cast’s lèse-majesté. He seems to know that a good apportionment of his supporters are some-more delirious by noisy cosmopolitanism than by capitalists luxuriating in their wealth, power, and access.

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