I Put on a New Oculus Rift Headset. This Is What we Saw

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There’s an hour-long line to get into a counter in a South Hall of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and for good reason. Oculus, that Facebook bought final Mar for $2 billion, was demonstrating a latest practical existence antecedent headset, dubbed Crystal Cove. 

This newest chronicle of a Rift VR headset is in fact astonishing. You tag on a span of goggles and are ecstatic to a array of opposite settings, one of that includes a lumbering, slobbering T-Rex. In another, a wearer materializes on a ledge, high above a unconventional city. As we stood on that hypothetical roost and looked during a belligerent distant below, we felt actual, heart-palpitating fear.

I spoke to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe about Crystal Cove and his skeleton to finally launch a most expected device. Among other things, he pronounced that removing acquired by Facebook has authorised a association to grow fivefold, from 50 engineers to more than 250, in a brief 9 months. Oculus hasn’t committed to a boat date for a Rift, though when it comes, it might good be worth a wait.


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