Hyperlapse: 13 extraordinary timelapse videos done with new Instagram iPhone app

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A new app from Instagram makes it probable for users to emanate extraordinary timelapse videos regulating zero though their iPhones.

Timelapse videos – that take frames during delayed speeds to give a apparition that time is speeding adult – have always been formidable to create, and compulsory costly equipment.

But Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app combines a morality of a print pity use and an picture stabiliser to put timelapse photography in everyone’s hands.

The app launched final week, and users have already combined overwhelming brief clips of universe famous landmarks, healthy wonders and even a President alighting on a White House grass in his helicopter.

Here’s some of a best Hyperlapses we’ve seen so far.

1. Take off from Miami

2. …and landing

3. Riding with buffalo

4. Marine One alighting on a White House lawn

5. …and a 15 second debate of a White House

6. Ants on parade

7. Clouds

8. Sydney Opera House

9. Fairground ride

10. The roof of a Rogers Centre, Toronto


(Bonus points for use of a Benny Hill Theme.)

11. Escalators

12. And finally, SPONGEBOB!


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