Hunt for Charlie Hebdo sharpened suspects closes in as Paris mourns

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A manhunt for dual brothers suspected of murdering 12 people during a Paris satirical repository sealed in Thursday on northern French towns where a gunmen were reportedly sighted robbing a gas hire and seeking a hideout.

Tensions mounted opposite France after a murdering of a policewoman in Paris and during slightest dual attacks on mosques that authorities feared could outrider a spate of anti-Muslim atonement for a Wednesday electrocute during a weekly Charlie Hebdo.

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12 shot passed in Paris apprehension attack

France distinguished a day of inhabitant mourning to remember a victims of a deadliest conflict on home dirt in decades. Flags flew during half staff, and a colourful heart of a French collateral stilled as ride halted, church bells fell wordless and crowds collected underneath gray clouds and a solid drizzle that matched a gloomy mood of a dumbfounded nation.

As thousands flocked to a memorials, authorities wanted a brothers identified as suspects in Wednesday’s conflict by masked, black-clad assailants wielding conflict rifles. Among a passed were a magazine’s editor, several distinguished cartoonists and dual troops officers.

Police pronounced they were acid for Said Kouachi, 34, and his hermit Cherif, 32. In 2008, a younger kin was convicted on terror-related charges for recruiting fighters for a rebellion in Iraq during U.S.-led troops operations there.



Jan. 8, 8:54 a.m.: An progressing chronicle of this essay settled that Paris sharpened think Said Kouachi was convicted on terror-related charges in 2008. The self-assurance was opposite his hermit and associate suspect, Cherif Kouachi.


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Two group relating a brothers’ descriptions attacked a gas hire in Villers-Cotterets early Thursday, according to French media, call a overflow of troops and helicopters to deplane on a tiny city 44 miles north of Paris. Special troops units also searched circuitously Crepy-en-Valois after reports that a suspects had taken retreat there after journey a gas hire in a Renault Clio and streamer in a instruction of Paris.

Also Thursday, a womanlike troops officer was shot to genocide while questioning a automobile accident. It was not immediately transparent if a sharpened was related to Wednesday’s killings, though authorities pronounced a assailant was dressed in identical conform as a repository enemy and seemed to be wearing a bulletproof vest or other massive device underneath his clothing. The shooting, that also left a travel sweeper injured, took place in a Montrouge area in a south of Paris during about 8 a.m.

France’s Le Monde journal pronounced a gunman in that conflict had dual weapons, immediately fled and remained during large.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve left a assembly with top-level confidence officials to rush to a scene, though he sought to reduce concerns and told people not to burst to any conclusions.

“There was an officer in front of a white automobile and a male using divided who shot,” Ahmed Sassi, who saw a sharpened from his home nearby, told a Associated Press. “It didn’t demeanour like a large gun since he hold it with one hand.”

Elsewhere in France, gun and grenade attacks were reported outward mosques in Le Mans, southwest of Paris, and in Villefranche-sur-Saone, nearby Lyon, lifting fears of an anti-Muslim recoil in a nation with Europe’s largest Islamic community. No one was harmed in possibly incident, troops said.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls told France’s RTL radio that there had been several detentions overnight in tie with a manhunt for the Kouachi brothers. A confidence executive put a figure during seven, a Associated Press reported.

Meanwhile, in an act of rebuttal by a aim of Wednesday’s slayings, Charlie Hebdo intends to tell 1 million copies of a Jan. 14 issue, or 17 times a normal press run, a magazine’s attorney, Richard Malka, told France Info radio.

Across Paris, mourners collected to respect those killed Wednesday. Thick gray clouds hung low in a sky and residents brisk around underneath umbrellas with their heads low.

“Whoever did this wanted to tighten a mouth of giveaway expression,” pronounced ‎Margy Adjouhgniope, 21, a university tyro who with her sister visited a temporary tabernacle during a Place de la Republique in executive Paris. 

The iconic plaza, with a signature relic to liberty, companionship and equality, has turn a common anguish belligerent for those killed in a attacks. Handwritten signs proclaimed: “I am Charlie” in a throng of languages.

People have combined pens and records to a mounds of flowers and candles, in a curtsy a slain journalists’ craft. One chairman wrote: “Don’t kill anyone in a name of my religion.” 

At noon Thursday, during a impulse of overpower announced for a victims, those collected in a piazza hold hands as they circled a monument.‎ Some had tears in their eyes.

“It was a really moving, honest moment. It was about leisure of debate and how vicious it is that voices be heard,” ‎said Thomas Rutledge, an American chemistry highbrow visiting Paris who done a indicate of interlude by for a observance, that silenced church bells and halted transit.

Hundreds collected in front of a ancestral Notre Dame cathedral, where a gloomy throng fell still after bells tolled a start of remembrance, afterwards pennyless into extemporaneous acclaim as a 60 seconds ended.

Bishop Jerome Beau presided over a brief Mass inside a cathedral, revelation a assemblage that “violence only breeds violence.”

At a Vatican, Pope Francis distinguished Mass for a Paris victims.

“The cruelty of that male is capable! Let us pray, in this Mass, for a victims of this cruelty. So many of them!” a personality of a world’s Roman Catholics appealed. “And let us also urge for those who perform these vicious acts, so that a Lord competence renovate their hearts.”

Parisians also collected during a repository bureau crime stage to respect a slain journalists.

Margaux Perez, a Paris neuroscientist, arrived Thursday in a twilight, carrying a gold of yellow flowers. She squeezed her approach by a throng to get tighten adequate to a unpretentious tabernacle and laid her charity on a flourishing pile of flowers and pens. 

“I did not like all they did, though during slightest they did it,” Perez said, navigating a thong of confidence and satellite news trucks crowding a slight roads along a bureau building.

“The fact that they had these beliefs, and they died for it, that changed me a lot,” she said, tears pooling in her eyes. 

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