‘Hunger Games’ crashes ‘Saturday Night Live’

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The expel of 'Hunger Games

(CNN) — Taylor Swift unequivocally is everywhere these days, even inside Woody Harrelson’s head.

Harrelson used his “Saturday Night Live” opening digression to riff Swift’s strike “Blank Space” from her best-selling “1989” manuscript to catalog his misty correlation of that year. Back in 1989, Harrelson was starring on a strike radio array “Cheers” and hosting SNL for a initial time.

Did Swift unequivocally seem during Saturday’s live promote to assistance him sing?

When a young, appealing lady stepped onto a theatre with him, Harrelson played along like Swift had shown up.

But it incited out to be his “Hunger Games” co-star Jennifer Lawrence — and associate “Hunger Games” co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson arrived to discuss him up. (Harrelson bit her leg.)

“Woody, I’m not Taylor Swift,” pronounced Lawrence. “I’m Jennifer. We’ve finished about 10 ‘Hunger Games’ together.”

When Harrelson asked them for assistance singing a lyrics, Lawrence declined during first.

Katniss is prepared to quarrel in new ‘Mockingjay’ trailer

“I don’t unequivocally consider anyone wants to hear me sing,” pronounced Lawrence, aka Katniss from “Hunger Games.”

When a assembly applauded, she pronounced she unequivocally wasn’t perplexing to get their support to sing.

“When we sing, we sound like a deer that has been held in a fence,” she said.

“I’d contend it’s some-more like a dog being strike by a truck,” responded Hemsworth, who stars as Gale in a strike film series.

“Or that goat that screams like a human,” combined Hutcherson, who stars as Peeta.

It’s only a week before “Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1″ opens, so fans can design some-more “surprise” appearances from a stars of a blockbuster franchise.


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