Hundreds of Volunteers Join Search for Missing UVa Student Hannah Graham

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PHOTO: Missing University of Virginia tyro Hannah Elizabeth Graham is seen in an undated print supposing by a Charlottesville, Va., Police Department.

Nearly a thousand volunteers widespread out by Charlottesville, Va., currently to assistance in a seach for Hannah Graham, one week after a blank University of Virginia tyro was final seen.

Police told ABC News currently that a chairman of seductiveness who was seen going into a bar with Graham a night she left was identified as Jesse L. Matthew, 32.

Graham might have gotten into a automobile with Matthew, and military pronounced Friday they wish to ask him “what he knows about Hannah.”

Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo pronounced military spoke to Matthew Friday morning when they executed a hunt aver and seized his car, though did not feel that they had adequate illusive means to catch him, Longo said.

Members of Matthew’s family declined to pronounce with ABC News.

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“We know that he purchased ethanol (in a restaurant) and we know that Hannah Graham was with him. We also know that within 15 mins he was left from that bar and Hannah Graham was with him,” Longo said.

“People saw Hannah and people saw him, and people saw them together. And it’s wholly possible, we believe, that Hannah Graham might have gotten into his vehicle,” a arch said.

Longo asked for anyone to call military if they saw Graham get into a man’s 1998 burnt orange Chrysler coupe.

While a chairman is not in custody, “We know who he is and we are wakeful of where he is,” Det. Sgt. Jim Mooney said.

“I’m not job him a suspect,” Longo said. “We’re meddlesome in him, meddlesome in articulate to him, meddlesome in what he knows about Hannah.”

The arch would not contend either he believed Graham was still alive.

“I will always be carefree until we find Hannah,” he said.

Longo pronounced he spoke with Graham’s relatives shortly before a news conference. “They wish their daughter back. They wish to know what happened.”

Longo hold his news discussion after executing 3 hunt warrants on a car, an unit and phone. He pronounced that today’s searches “absolutely” noted a vital mangle in a case.

The initial aver was a hunt and seizure aver for a automobile that was executed shortly after midnight. When military arrived during a unit building and seized a car, a chairman connected to a automobile was in his unit with dual others. Police identified those individuals, though a officer did not feel he had a drift to catch a individuals, Longo said.

After seizing a automobile and holding it to an undisclosed plcae for a full search, investigators grown illusive means and sought approvals for a dual other warrants. Police arrived behind during a unit shortly after 10 a.m. and a 3 people were no longer inside, Longo said.

The hunt warrants were expelled a day after military announced a $50,000 prerogative for information about Graham’s disappearance. Police had also expelled 4 clips of notice footage from internal businesses that showed Graham, 18, walking around in a early hours of Saturday morning. She was final listened from around 1:20 a.m. Saturday when she texted friends, allegedly observant that she was headed for a celebration though was uncertain of where she was.

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