HP’s Chromebooks Get a Makeover

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HP is doubling down on 2-in-1 designs and Chromebooks with a handful of new systems that offer unstable functionality and colorful designs. That includes three tablets, a HP Envy X2 in 13- and 15-inch flavors, a new 10-inch Pavilion tablet, and uninformed designs for HP’s 11- and 14-inch Chromebooks.

HP Envy X2 Tablets
The new HP Envy X2 is HP’s answer to a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, with a inscription pattern interconnected with a cloth-covered keyboard cover that attaches with a minimalist captivating latch. On a behind of a inscription is a built-in kickstand, that allows a angle of a inscription to be adjusted. Close a kickstand wholly and overlay behind a cover for a pristine inscription experience.

HP announced dual new versions of a HP Envy X2: a 15-inch indication and a smaller 13-inch model, called a Envy X2 15 and Envy X2 13, respectively. The dual tablets have a neat fanless pattern interjection to Intel’s new Core M processors. We’ve seen these CPUs mentioned in several product announcements, though Intel won’t be announcing sum on a new chips for another day or two. The fanless pattern keeps a altogether pattern of a inscription sincerely seamless.

2014 IFA Bug ArtThe 15-inch indication boasts a incomparable display, 4 built-in speakers, and a 500GB hybrid drive, mixing normal tough expostulate storage with peep memory for softened performance. The smaller Envy X2 13 has a smaller 13.3-inch display, dual built-in speakers, and adult to 256GB SSD. Both models underline full HD (1,920-by-1,080-pixel) resolution, and front-firing speakers for softened sound.

The HP Envy X2 13 will be accessible in late October, with a starting cost of $1,049.99, while a incomparable 15-inch Envy X2 15 will be accessible in early November, starting during $949.99.

HP Pavilion X2
Also on a inscription front is a new HP HP Pavilion X2 Pavilion X2, a 10-inch inscription powered by an Intel Atom processor, and earnest adult to 11.75 hours battery life. Like a Envy X2 13 and 15, a Pavilion X2 has a fabric-backed keyboard, though this pattern also integrates a stretchable stand, that lets we column adult a inscription for a laptop-like knowledge but a need for an integrated kickstand.

When a keyboard cover is removed, a inscription weighs usually 1.2 pounds, and measures usually 0.4 inches thick. The inscription boasts a 10-inch IPS display, 5-finger hold capability, and DTS sound. It’s given with one full-sized USB port, a mini HDMI port, and microSD label slot. The inscription runs Windows 8.1 and comes with a nominal one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365.

The HP Pavilion X2 will be accessible in late October, with a starting cost of $329.99, that includes a keyboard cover.

Leaving behind a 2-in-1 concept, HP also announced dual new Chromebooks, updating a renouned HP Chromebook 11 and Chromebook 14 with updated designs, new tone options, and a slight change in hardware.

HP Chromebook 14 (2014)The Chromebook 11 updates a existent HP Chromebook 11 with an Intel Celeron processor, longer battery life, and a colorful new look. The new 11-inch Chromebook comes in Snow White, Turquoise, and a festive black called “Twinkle Black Sparkle.” The new indication measures 0.8 inches thick and weighs usually 2.95 pounds.

The Chromebook 14 is an refurbish to final year’s Chromebook 14, that we did not review. The Chrome laptop comes in a rainbow of colors, including Smoke Silver, Sorbet Orange, Ocean Turquoise, and Neon Green. The genuine changes are inside, however, with an Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, that promises softened graphics opening as good as softened opening overall. Later this fall, a 14-inch indication will also be done accessible with a hold screen, a underline frequency seen on Chromebooks.

The HP Chromebook 11 will be accessible starting Oct. 5, and will sell for $279.99, with a HP Chromebook 14 accessible after that month for $299.99.

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