How to Get Away With Murder Star Viola Davis Loves Spanx and TV Censorship …

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What do both Spanx and TV censorship have in common? Actress Viola Davis is a fan of both!

In a humorous talk on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, Davis suggested her feelings for those dual really opposite things.

“I tell people that if we don’t have 10 mins to go to a lavatory afterwards I’m only going to have to reason it. Because that’s how prolonged it takes to take these Spanx off,” Davis joked in a interview.

She went on to contend a reason she wears a panoply is so she can fit into a voluptuous garments of her impression on her new series How to Get Away With Murder.

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Davis stars in a uncover as a voluptuous law highbrow who, along with her students, find themselves caught in a murder plot.

This is also because The Help singer is in preference of TV censorship. The star told Kimmel she wears physique makeup all over, even on her feet, to make herself demeanour good on screen. Davis also certified she doesn’t like certain tools of her physique to be shown, that is because she says TV censorship is another one of her favorites.  

We can’t wait to see Davis behind on a screen!

How to Get Away with Murder will atmosphere this Thursday night on ABC.

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