How Star Wars Brought Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Together

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We have all, over a past several months, felt a good resurgence in a Force.

There have been ads—so, so many ads—to a balance of $66 million and rising. Carrie Fisher and her hilarious, dumb bulldog have won a hearts. Harrison Ford hasn’t looked this easygoing given a second half of Working Girl. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt graced a red runner dressed as Yoda. This is all a error of Disney, whose insanely expected Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a seventh installment in George Lucas’s space uncover franchise, hits theaters Dec. 18. The array is now being directed by J.J. Abrams, and box bureau prognosticators consider a film could open to $300 million in North America, that would destroy a $208.8 million record set by Jurassic World progressing this year.

While a lapse of Star Wars will no doubt enthuse flashback feelings of childlike consternation in generations of people opposite a globe, it will also reason a special place in a hearts of America’s many famous couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. That is since behind in 2008, Star Wars brought Kimye together for a initial time.

“I was always captivated to him,” Kardashian pronounced of West during a new talk with Access Hollywood. “When we initial met him, we worked on a plan together and there was really a spark, though we were in other relations and we kept a distance, and that was that…It was this commander that him and Jimmy Kimmel were doing that didn’t come to fruition.”

That commander was Alligator Boots.

Back then, West was fervent to mangle into television. He was uninformed off a recover of his third album, Graduation, shutting a trilogy that began with 2004’s The College Dropout. One of a pilots he shot was a Curb Your Enthusiasm-type comedy for HBO helmed by Larry Charles, a author on Seinfeld and a executive of Borat. In it, West played an farfetched chronicle of himself (à la Larry David) navigating ungainly scenarios in L.A. The Daily Show match Wyatt Cenac was expel as his cousin. Sadly, HBO execs weren’t fans, and passed on a show. So West attempted his fitness with Alligator Boots.

Produced as a commander for Comedy Central, Alligator Boots was a brainchild of West’s childhood crony and songwriter Rhymefest, who served as co-creator alongside Daniel Kellison, a former Letterman producer. The uncover was done by Jackhole Productions, Kellison’s prolongation association with Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla, with Kimmel also portion as conduct author on a series.

Alligator Boots is, in one sentence, arrange of a hip-hop Muppets show,” pronounced Kellison during a time.

Inspired by Crank Yankers, a raunchy puppet satire constructed by Jackhole, Alligator Boots followed a creation of an R-rated puppet accumulation show. It was modeled after a aged Muppets—Jim Henson’s Muppet Workshop combined a puppets, and a commander was filmed during Charlie Chaplin Studios, home of The Jim Henson Company. A (human) luminary would offer as guest horde each week, interacting with a puppets and behaving in a accumulation show’s sketches, feign commercials, and skits. The other half of Boots would take a assembly behind a scenes of a accumulation uncover with a puppets and crew, identical to 30 Rock

In further to portion as a author on a series, West was a luminary guest horde for a pilot. And he enlisted Kim Kardashian, afterwards a small famous existence star who’d only wrapped Season 1 of her existence show, Keeping Up with a Kardashians—and would seem on C-list bureau Dancing with a Stars after that year—as his co-star. They met for a initial time on a set.

According to Rhymefest, “Kanye wants to do this large sci-fi low-pitched thing where he has on a Stormtrooper suit” on a accumulation show.  

“And we wish to have, like, Kim Kardashian play Princess Leia since Kim Kardashian’s donkey is only so…just perfect,” spoken West on Alligator Boots.

So there’s West dressed as a Stormtrooper flanked by Kardashian, sporting Princess Leia’s iconic double-bun hairdo and worker bikini from Return of a Jedi. And a chemistry, according to a behind-the-scenes shave of a uncover (above, and here) and those on a set, was potent.

“I was there, a impulse they met in a room,” Boots producer Naomi Scott told Bustle. “[West] was smitten with her from a really second he pronounced [Kardashian’s] name.”

However, things don’t accurately go good for West on a show. After he successfully asks Kardashian out on a date, a smooth-talking puppet bear, Beary White—based on Barry White—pulls a robbery.

“I have to cancel a plans,” Kardashian tells West.

“What?!” he replies, crestfallen. “Why?”

“You know that bear?” says Kardashian. “The one that wants to put his penis in my vagina?” Cut to Kardashian walking divided with Beary White, who’s sporting a shit-eating laugh on his puppet face.

In a aforementioned behind-the-scenes clip, West describes since a part is so…Kanye. “I adore puppets, and, like, we adore a initial Star Wars since of that organic—it done me feel like we was there.”

Elsewhere in a footage, a camera cuts to Kardashian in a sauce room scoping her Leia buns and bikini in a mirror.

“I consider it’s gonna go amazing,” she says of her stage with West.

Well, Comedy Central upheld on a Alligator Boots pilot, though Kardashian still valid to be utterly a prophet. She began dating West in Apr 2013, and a dual married a following year in a intemperate rite during Fort di Belvedere in Florence, Italy. They recently welcomed their second child, Saint West, whose introduction to a Star Wars star will expected be The Force Awakens.

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