How Other Fitness Wearables Can Fight Off a Apple Watch Juggernaut

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PHOTO: The new Apple Watch will support to aptness buffs, infrequent exercisers.

The newly denounced Apple Watch should give existent wearable aptness trackers a run for their money, though a tech giant’s competitors in a burgeoning difficulty aren’t about to take a assault fibbing down, courtesy experts said.

The Apple Watch is exposed on 3 sold fronts, experts note.

1. Price

“It’s a good looking square though a cost indicate is flattering high and a fact that it has to be tethered to an iPhone lessens a appeal,” pronounced Jamison Cush, executive editor of TechTarget, a business record edition company.

Cush likes a neat demeanour of a $349 Apple Watch and praised a healthy sip of aptness monitoring facilities that will collect simple stats like steps, mileage and calories burned. But those are functions stand-alone trackers already do competently for a lot reduction money.

“Jawbone, Fitbit and a others do one thing and they do it unequivocally good during a good price,” Cush noted.

“Apple Watch does a lot of other things like communication and notifications, that some users competence like though could be viewed as ‘feature creep’ by many users,” he said, regulating a tenure that is a play on “mission creep,” where a range of a goal keeps expanding.

The Fitbit Flex costs about $100. The Jawbone UP24 retails for about $150.

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2. Still Months From Hitting a Market

The Apple Watch is during slightest 6 months divided from attack a stores, Cush noted. And that gives Apple competitors utterly some time to come adult with new strategies and new products in response to a Apple Watch, he said.

“It’s a large suspicion now though by a time it comes out, a marketplace will be most some-more mature and Apple will have some critical competition,” he said.

Patrick Moorhead, boss and principal researcher of a tech consulting organisation Moor Insights and Strategies, pronounced since aptness tracking inclination offer such a unaccompanied purpose, he believes a difficulty won’t be dented too most by a Apple Watch entering a marketplace — during slightest for now.

Apple denounced dual opposite apps on Tuesday for a watch that should amour both gym rats and infrequent movers, Moorhead said. The “activity” app will keep lane of any transformation we do via a day. The “workout” app will guard some-more heated transformation of workouts and sports. And third-party apps are approaching to follow.

While a exclusive apps are a differentiator for a watch, Cush isn’t certain they are adequate of a pull for anyone solely for “fitness nerds.” But, he said, he suspicion a pattern –- including a pointy arrangement and 6 transmutable wrist bands — competence lure a few conform brazen users divided from other wearables.

“Most wearables are really techy, really geeky looking,” he noted. “This one is some-more select and people competence wish to wear it since it looks good.”

3. Battery Life

Apple Watch’s toughest offered indicate could be a purportedly brief battery life. Apple CEO Tim Cook has sidestepped a doubt of accurately how prolonged a battery will final though some tech blogs are stating that a device will need during slightest a daily charge.

“Many aptness trackers can go a week or some-more but a charge,” Cush forked out. “Battery life is a series one censure from users of any wearable and it boundary expansion in that category.”

But Moorhead remarkable that a Apple Watch competence also expostulate utterly a few new business into a wearable market.

“Apple seems to have paid a lot of courtesy to user experience, functionality and palliate of use. They’ve private many of a barriers that were holding consumers back,” he said, adding that this competence presumably advantage competitors as well.

Officials during Fitbit, a heading aptness wearable seller, pronounced distant from being worried, they acquire a entrance of a Apple Watch.

Company officials remarkable in a matter to ABC News currently that Fitbit is a “trusted brand” that has a 70 percent marketplace share of what it calls a “Connected Health and Fitness space.”

“Our goal stays lenient and moving people to lead healthier, some-more active lives, and to that finish we acquire new products and services like Apple Watch into a marketplace that assistance serve that mission,” a association pronounced in a statement.

Apple and Jawbone did not respond to requests by ABC News for comment.

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