How iOS 8 and Yosemite got me to stop jailbreaking my iPhone

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Reader Donald Emerson wonders if I’ve had a change of heart. He writes:

I know that, in a past, we were a flattering unrepentant jailbreaker. we was wondering how we feel now with new iPhones and iOS 8. Is it something we (and you) should still consider?

For a uninitiated, jailbreaking is a routine of trimming a device’s protections so that we can use it in ways unintended by a manufacturer. In a box of iOS devices, this means that on a jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod hold we can implement and use third-party apps and settings not accessible in iOS natively or around apps from a App Store.

Now that we’ve privileged that up, it’s true. I’ve jailbroken iOS inclination since… well, only about as prolonged as there have been iPhones. Even as recently as 2013 I was still during it.

I’ve prolonged hold a opinion that it’s my device and if we feel like hacking into it (and we don’t make it Apple’s problem if we do if something goes wrong), where’s a harm? If it allows me to supplement facilities critical to me that aren’t accessible in other ways, I’m all for it.

That said, a facilities we unequivocally wish have only about dusty up. At one time it was critical that we had a approach to plan an iPhone or iPad’s interface to a projector or HDTV when presenting a seminar. Thanks to AirPlay, that’s roughly wholly unnecessary. (Though we still wish there was a approach that we could spin on a Presentation Mode that would arrangement my taps on a projected image.)

I also wanted a means to work around restrictions when certain media apps would exclude to tide to my Apple TV. But media companies seem to have mostly wised adult by possibly stealing a limitation or creation their calm accessible natively around an Apple TV app.

true detectHBO

Who needs HBO Go streamed from an iPhone when a Apple TV has a local app?

Third-party keyboards were probable interjection to jailbreakers, though now iOS 8 offers them. And some of them yield powers taken in jailbreak apps.

And we desired a ability to record cinema of my iPhone’s interface, that we could after use in enlightening videos. But collection like AirServer and Reflector make that nonessential as we can use them to set adult my Mac as an AirPlay end and afterwards constraint my iOS devices’ outlay regulating a apparatus like Screenflow. (And when Yosemite is expelled we can use iOS 8 and Yosemite’s local talents for capturing my devices’ screens within QuickTime Player.)

So, unless a jailbreaking village comes adult with a underline that allows my iPhone to spin into a jetpack or separate gold, we consider I’m done. Do what we will with my blessing, though Apple’s inclination and handling complement have developed to a indicate where I’m happy to use them as they are.

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