How did a Utah family of 5 die? No pointer of assault, injuries or other means – The Plain Dealer

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SPRINGVILLE, Utah — A rough autopsy has ruled out any aroused attack in a deaths of 5 Utah family members including 3 children, military pronounced Sunday.

There was no justification of stabbing or gunshot wounds or other manifest injuries to a 5 found passed Saturday night in their home in Springville, about 45 miles south of Salt Lake City, investigators said.

The 5 were identified Sunday as Benjamin Strack, 37, his wife, Kristi, 36, and 3 of their children, Benson, 14, Emery, 12, and Zion, 11.

Police Lt. Dave Caron pronounced a means of genocide has not been determined, and will not be until an research of blood samples is concluded. The medical examiner’s bureau supposing no time support for a recover of formula of laboratory testing.

While a exam of atmosphere in a residence by firefighters did not find any CO monoxide, investigators have not ruled that out as a means of death.

The front doorway of a residence was open and a behind doorway was burst open before firefighters arrived, Caron said, and a gas could have ventilated before a test.

Asked possibly tainted play has been ruled out, Caron told The Associated Press, “I don’t order out anything … We haven’t ruled out anything solely there was no aroused trauma. We’re going to demeanour during everything.

“I do know when we was in there (house) we didn’t see anything that would advise a onslaught … we saw zero like that,” he added.

The bodies were found shortly before 8 p.m. in a parents’ bedroom by an comparison son, who went to a duplex after he did not hear from a family as expected, according to investigators. His name was not released.

Caron pronounced someone possibly saw or talked to a family Saturday morning, though he was uncertain about a final chairman to make hit with them.

“It’s one of those things we’re going to take it one step during a time,” he said, adding a subsequent step is to wait a research of blood samples.

The duplex where a family lived is located on a highway heading to a high propagandize in a city of 30,000 located only south of Provo.

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