‘Hot Car Dad’ Justin Harris Indicted for Son’s Murder

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PHOTO: Justin Ross Harris is graphic in justice on Jul 3, 2014 in Marietta, Ga.

The Georgia father who left his son to die in a boiling SUV this summer was indicted currently and charged with a boy’s murder.

Justin Harris, 33, will be attempted for malice murder among other charges, a justice said. He could face a death penalty, a decider pronounced progressing this year.

Mom of Child Who Died in Hot SUV Is Living a ‘Nightmare': Lawyer

Dad Charged With Son’s Hot Car Death Could Face Death Penalty

Harris faces 8 counts: malice murder, dual depends of transgression murder, cruelty to children in a 1st and 2nd degree, rapist try to dedicate a transgression and dual depends of distribution of damaging element to minors.

Harris’ 22-month-old son, Cooper, died on Jun 18 inside a prohibited car parked outward Home Depot, where Harris worked. The complaint pronounced Harris left his son in a automobile “with malice aforethought” and caused a child “cruel and extreme earthy pain.”

PHOTO: Cooper Harris is seen in this undated welfare photo.

Harris, who pleaded not guilty, has claimed a genocide was an accident, and that he forgot to dump his son off during daycare, on a day when a heat reached 90 degrees in Atlanta.

The assign argued that since Harris returned to his automobile once during a day, to dump something off after lunch, he contingency have famous a child was inside. They suggested Harris was fervent to live a childless life.

Police also detected Harris had been sexting mixed women while his son was in a car. One of a females was underneath 18, call a assign of disseminating damaging element to minors.

Maddox Kilgore, an profession for Harris, claimed his customer is trusting and pronounced assign usually brought adult a sexting claims to “publicly shame” Harris.

PHOTO: Leanna Harris, right, mother of Justin Ross Harris, arrives for her husbands bond conference in Cobb County Magistrate Court, Jul 3, 2014, in Marietta, Ga.

Harris’ mother Leanna Harris has remained by her husband’s side though hired a apart attorney. She has not been charged with a crime though military have questioned her function surrounding her son’s death.

Her counsel Lawrence Zimmerman pronounced she is “living each parent’s nightmare” and anguish “in her possess private way.”

Harris’ friends and family have described him as a amatory father who would never harm his son.

“He was a amatory father, he desired his son really much,” his hermit Randy Michael Baygents Jr., a military sergeant in Alabama, pronounced in justice in July. “We went on family vacations together. He was a good dad.”

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