Here’s a tip 25 many common (and worst) passwords in use. Is yours on a list?

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Did we solve to boost your confidence in 2015? If a list of tip passwords used in 2014 is anything to go by, a lot of people should have had this right during a tip of their list of New Year’s resolutions.

Security and cue organisation SplashData has published a annual list of a many common (worst, in other words) passwords that are in use.

If there’s anything certain to be taken from this terrifying list of insecurity, it’s that ‘password’ is still not a many used cue out there. It usually slipped to second place final year to be transposed by ‘123456’.

The tip dual positions sojourn a same this year, so there’s not unequivocally that many means for celebration. But a list creates for engaging reading, quite when we cruise these (supposedly) security-conscious times we live in.

If you’re wondering how a list was compiled, SplashData collected together information about millions of stolen passwords that were posted online. Some of a new entries in a tip 25 list are worryingly diseased – that’s not to contend that this list contains any passwords that would be deliberate clever by anyone of lucid mind, though “access”? Come on, people!

No fewer than 10 of a many renouned passwords contain usually numbers. Of course, we’re not articulate about pointless digits here, though instead predicted patterns such as 123123, 111111, and (snigger) 696969. If that small hee-haw seemed childish, it’s not wholly out of place – many of a passwords have a rather childish feel to them: “monkey”, “master”, “superman”, and “batman”. Urgh.

Here’s a full list in all a disturbing, uncertain glory;

Needless to say, if we mark a cue you’re regulating listed above, do yourself a preference and change it this instant. After you’ve punched yourself in a face first, that is.


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