Here is a Washington Capitals Winter Classic jersey

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The Washington Capitals are going red for a 2015 Winter Classic, though not a red we were expecting.

Washington denounced a trademark and uniforms for a diversion during Nationals Park, that will take place on New Year’s Day 2015. Here’s what a jersey will demeanour like, courtesy of Russian Machine Never Breaks:

We were all awaiting to see red selected jerseys like a ones a group wore behind in a 1970s and 1980, that would have merely been a conflicting of a uniforms a group wore as a highway group during a 2011 Winter Classic in Pittsburgh. But they’re going an wholly opposite direction.

The ‘W’ trademark is an loyalty to a Washington Senators, a city’s strange ball team.

The Capitals expelled mixed angles of a jersey on a Monumental Network website shortly after:

Here’s a demeanour during Alex Ovechkin, Braden Holtby and Nicklas Backstrom displaying a jerseys:

The Chicago Blackhawks did not betray their uniforms on Tuesday though are approaching to do so in a nearby future.

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