Hedge Fund Titan Accused of Insider Trading Called Obama ‘Class Warrior’

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Leon Cooperman, a sidestep account titan who on Wednesday was charged by a SEC with insider trading, once publicly pounded President Obama for heading a politically encouraged category crusade opposite Wall Street, and sidestep account managers like him.

Perhaps there was a reason to investigate Wall Street after all, and during unequivocally slightest Cooperman.

On Wednesday, a SEC accused Cooperman and his account Omega Advisors of regulating inside information to make some-more than $4 million in increase in a tiny publicly traded association Atlas Pipeline Partners, and afterwards perplexing to fashion a story with a association executive in sequence to cover his tracks. The SEC is suing Cooperman and his sidestep account organisation Omega Advisors.

Cooperman says a SEC is misled and that he did zero wrong. He sent his investors a 5-page minute detailing his innocence. “We have finished zero crude and definitely repudiate a Commission’s allegations,” Cooperman says in a letter.

In late 2011, though, Cooperman had another supervision figure that was a thoroughness of his minute essay ire: President Obama. Back then, Cooperman penned a “open minute to a boss of a United States” in that he called Obama’s policies “profligate and mostly ineffectual” and hinted that they were substantially a product of “a cynical, populist interest to his bottom by a boss struggling in a polls.” The letter, that even during a time seemed impassioned for someone who was usually voting in a arriving election, fast became public. Business Insider, a website that writes for a Wall Street crowd, even described a minute as “angry,” during a time.

Cooperman accuses Obama of formulating a cove between a abounding and bad that Cooperman says is opposite productive. “But what we can justifiably reason we accountable for is your and your minions’ purpose in sourroundings a bid of a hostile discuss now roiling us that smacks of what so many have characterized as “class warfare,” Cooperman writes.

The fact that we now know Cooperman was being investigated by a SEC during a time adds another dimension to a letter. What’s more, 4 years later, given a tongue of a stream presidential election, some of what Cooperman wrote about Obama, now seems ironic. Like this: “It is also a naked, domestic solicit to some of a basest tellurian emotions—a strategy, as story teaches, that never ends good for anyone yet totalitarians and anarchists.”

Here’s a finish letter:


November 28, 2011

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President,

It is with a good clarity of beating that we write this. Like many others, we hoped that your choosing would move a salubrious change of instruction to a country, notwithstanding what some-more than a few feared was an overly assertive amicable agenda. And we can't credibly censure we for a mercantile disaster that we inherited, even if a process response on your watch has been wicked and mostly ineffectual. (You did not, after all, invent TARP.) we know that when surrounded by cries of “the finish of a universe as we know it is nigh”, even a strongest of minds competence have a bent to fire initial and aim after in a well-intended bid to wand off a expected apocalypse.

But what we can justifiably reason we accountable for is your and your minions’ purpose in sourroundings a bid of a hostile discuss now roiling us that smacks of what so many have characterized as “class warfare”. Whether this reflects your scrupulous faith that a almighty order between a haves and have-nots is during a bottom of all a evils that trouble a multitude or only a cynical, populist interest to his bottom by a boss struggling in a polls is of small importance. What does matter is that a divisive, polarizing tinge of your tongue is cleaving a widening gulf, during this indicate as many abdominal as philosophical, between a downtrodden and those best positioned to assistance them. It is a cove that is during once counterproductive and freighted with dangerous chronological precedents. And it is an proceed to ruling that owes some-more to unfortunate demagoguery than your Administration should feel gentle with.

Just to be clear, while we have been richly rewarded by a life of tough work (and a good understanding of luck), we was not to-the-manor-born. My father was a plumber who used his trade in a South Bronx after he and my mom emigrated from Poland. we was a initial member of my family to acquire a college degree. we benefited from both a good open preparation complement (P.S. 75, Morris High School and Hunter College, all in a Bronx) and my parents’ consistent prodding. When we assimilated Goldman Sachs following graduation from Columbia University’s business school, we had no income in a bank, a disastrous net worth, a National Defense Education Act tyro loan to repay, and a six-month-old child (not to discuss his mother, my mother of now 47 years) to support. we had a successful, near-25-year run during Goldman, that we left 20 years ago to start a private investment firm. As a outcome of my good fortune, we have been means to give divided to those reduction sanctified distant some-more than we have spent on myself and my family over a lifetime, and final year we subscribed to Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge to safeguard that my money, scrupulously stewarded, continues to do some good after I’m gone.

My story is anything yet unique. we know many people who are likewise situated, by both common family story and hard-won accomplishment, whose biggest fun in life is to use their resources to means their communities. Some have achieved a turn of resources where hospitality is no longer a by-product of their work yet a primary impetus. This is as it should be. We feel absolved to be in a position to give back, and we do. My relatives would have approaching zero reduction of me.

I am not, by training or disposition, a process wonk, polemicist or pamphleteer. we confess indebtedness for those who, with larger clarity of countenance and authority of a applicable statistical details, make these same points with some-more utterance and authoritativeness than we can wish to muster. For new examples, we would indicate we to “Hunting a Rich” (Leaders, The Economist, Sep 24, 2011), “The Divider vs. a Thinker” (Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal, Oct 29, 2011), “Wall Street Occupiers Misdirect Anger” (Christine Todd Whitman, Bloomberg, Oct 31, 2011), and “Beyond Occupy” (Bill Keller, The New York Times, Oct 31, 2011) – all, if we haven’t review them, creation excellent work of a subject.

But as a taxpaying businessman with a weekly payroll to accommodate and some-more than a flitting laxity with a ways of both Wall Street and Washington, we do feel fit in seeking you: is a tinge of a stream discuss unequivocally constructive?

People of incompatible domestic persuasions can (and do) pretty disagree about whether, and how high, taxation rates should be hiked for upper-income earners; possibly a Bush-era taxation cuts should be extended or available to expire, and for whom; possibly several deductions and exclusions underneath a sovereign taxation formula that advantage predominantly a rich and multinational companies should be curtailed or eliminated; possibly stagnation advantages and a payroll taxation cut should be extended; possibly a burdens of profitable for a nation’s magisterial desert programs are being sincerely widespread around, and possibly those programs themselves should be reconfigured in light of stream and projected budgetary constraints; possibly financial institutions deemed “too large to fail” should be serially bailed out or damaged adult first, like an progressing era’s trusts, since they poise a systemic risk and their distance advantages no one yet their owners; possibly a resolution to what ails us as a republic is an amalgam of some-more regulation, resources redistribution, and a larger thoroughness of energy in a executive supervision that has proven no some-more (I’m being free here) skilful than a private zone in reining in a excesses that brought us to this pass – a list goes on and on, and a thought is superbly American. Even though, as a high-income taxpayer, we competence be deliberate one of a targets, we find this reassessment of so many confirmed mercantile premises healthy and prolonged overdue. Anyone who could consult today’s severe mercantile landscape, with an un- and underemployment rate of scarcely 20 percent and roughly 40 percent of a republic on open assistance, and not acknowledge an needed for change is possibly heartless, brainless, or using for bureau on a unequivocally prejudiced agenda. And if we finish adult profitable some-more taxes as a result, so be it. The alternatives are all worse.

But what we do find disgusting is a rarely politicized jargon in that this discuss is being conducted. Now, we am not naive. we know that in today’s America, this is how a business of ruling typically gets finished – a conditions that, given a sobriety of a problems, is as abominable as it is clearly ineluctable. But as President initial and inaugural and personality of your celebration second, we should try to arise above a narrow-minded ravel and lift a turn of sermon to one that is both some-more polite and some-more conciliatory, that seeks partnership over confrontation. That is what “leading by example” means to many people.

Capitalism is not a source of a problems, as an economy or as a society, and capitalists are not a flay that they are too mostly done out to be. As a group, we occupy many millions of taxpaying people, compensate their salaries, yield them with medical coverage, start new companies, found new industries, emanate new products, fill store shelves during Christmas, and keep a wheels of commerce and swell (and indeed of government, by generating a income whose taxation supports it) moving. To support a discuss as one of rich-and-entitled contra poor-and-dispossessed is to both skip a indicate and serve irritate an already agitator environment. It is also a naked, domestic solicit to some of a basest tellurian emotions – a strategy, as story teaches, that never ends good for anyone yet totalitarians and anarchists.

With due respect, Mr. President, it’s time for we to throttle-down a narrow-minded tongue and interest to people’s improved instincts, not their worst. Rather than assume that a rich are a monolithic, greedy and unconcerned lot who contingency be subjugated by a force of a state, set a tinge that encourages people of good will to accommodate in a middle. When we were a village organizer in Chicago, we schooled a art of waging a riotous debate opposite a distant higher force. But you’ve graduated from that feel and now assistance to set a bulletin for that higher force. You competence do good during this indicate to eschew a polarizing vernacular of domestic militancy and turn a conceptual personality we were inaugurated to be. You are expected to be distant some-more effective, and story is expected to provide we distant some-more pleasantly for it.


Leon G. Cooperman
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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