Head Of Yosemite Park Steps Down In Wake Of Hostile Work Environment Claims

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One week after a House row highlighted passionate nuisance claims during Yosemite National Park and elsewhere in a National Park Service, a superintendent of Yosemite, Don Neubacher is stepping down, a organisation says.

According to NPS informal orator Andrew Munoz, a organisation “acted to pierce Don Neubacher from his role” heading a park to strengthen a firmness of a review into allegations of a antagonistic work sourroundings during Yosemite.

“On Sept. 29, a National Park Service supposed Don Neubacher’s resignation, effective Nov. 1, 2016,” Munoz says. “The review is ongoing and there are not nonetheless any commentary or conclusions relating to a allegations.”

Early this week, Neubacher released an reparation to Yosemite employees whom he competence have offended, as the McClatchy news opening noted.

As it announces Neubacher’s exit, a National Park Service is “taking a extensive proceed to residence and forestall passionate nuisance and antagonistic work environments,” Munoz says.

Specifically, Munoz says, a organisation is perplexing to foster a enlightenment that “does not accept discrimination, harassment, or retaliation” — 3 things that Kelly Martin, a stream worker of Yosemite National Park and a 32-year maestro of a National Park Service, mentioned in her testimony to members of a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform final week.

Martin said, “In Yosemite National Park today, dozens of people, a infancy of whom are women, are being bullied, belittled, disenfranchised and marginalized from their roles as dedicated professionals.”

Her testimony includes personal examples that illustrate those claims, along with a dates they occurred.

Neubacher has supervised Yosemite given 2010, though charges of passionate nuisance and antagonistic work environments within a National Park Service complement aren’t cramped to that park.

Two years ago, a organisation of 13 stream and former employees wrote a minute to Secretary of a Interior Sally Jewell that requested “a grave review of polite rights violations occurring opposite women” operative during a Grand Canyon, as one co-author of that letter told a House row final week.

In further to a House conference and other scrutiny, a allegations are also being examined by a Department of a Interior’s Office of a Inspector General.

But that conditions also presents a problem, Martin told a House row final week: “The unhappy irony of these stream investigations is a expedited exploration and a OIG investigations and successive reports were all conducted by men. This has not left neglected in a conditions where women have been many influenced by a antagonistic work environment.”

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