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Hawaiian officials are warning a large island beach village that is now during a risk of being to be cut off by issuing lava.  Lava from a Kilauea volcano has been issuing from a opening given Jun 27th. But now, officials contend a removing within a mile of  Ka‘ohe, a Puna segment subdivision.

Officials do not know accurately how many homes have turn threatened by a lava flow. However, they are conducting door-to-door interviews in a area to get a count. According to a 2010 census, some-more than 82-hundred people live in a threatened area.

The Hawaii County Civil Defense Administration and a USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory are holding open meetings to refurbish residents on a lava flow.

“We are holding this step to safeguard a residents [of a Ka’ohe subdivision] have time to ready their families, their pets, and their stock for a protected and nurse depletion from Ka‘ohe in a eventuality a upsurge continues to advance,” Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi said in a statement.

The Mayor is also seeking a Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie for puncture assistance.

The volcano has been active given 1983, with 61 available eruptions.

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