Hands on: WatchOS 3 is a OS Apple always intended

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Apple’s watchOS 3 outlines a company’s third try to yield a gratifying user knowledge for a wrist-based screen. This version, that was unveiled during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June and expelled on Tuesday, addresses long-standing issues that have injured a Apple Watch knowledge since a wearable arrived final year — including delayed app launch times (especially third-party apps), archaic Complications data, peculiar interface choices and false heart rate information for certain workouts

Those issues in watchOS 1 and 2 didn’t stop Apple from apropos second usually to Rolex in worldwide sales (which Apple CEO Tim Cook was usually too happy to note during Apple’s Sept. 7th launch event). But watchOS 3 should make stream users many happier — there are conspicuous across-the-board speed improvements, new aptness profiles, a new SOS puncture presentation and response system, and a revised interface that feels some-more aligned with what’s found on Apple’s other devices.

In particular, watchOS 3 has some-more importance on aptness and activities, something Cook and others regularly highlighted during a event. That, and countless other changes, should have been in place from a start.

That said, watchOS 3 is so softened over versions 1 and 2 that it finally creates a Watch feel like a awake partial of a Apple family.

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