Half a billion people now use Messenger, after Facebook forced them into it

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Facebook’s pierce to spin off messages into a apart app was an unpopular one, yet a success nonetheless. Facebook Messenger now has 500 million monthly active users, some-more than doubling a distance of its
bottom in a final 6 months.

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Facebook has combined several facilities to make Messenger some-more appealing in new months, including organisation conversations.

During that time, Facebook cut off entrance to in-app discuss and began requiring users to implement Messenger
to send, receive, and review messages, that explains a remarkable spike. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pronounced that people use Facebook Messenger in different
ways than they use WhatsApp, a company’s other messaging app. Between Messenger and WhatsApp, Facebook’s messaging services now have some-more than a billion

“Messaging is one of a few things people do some-more than amicable networking,” Zuckerberg pronounced in a

new city hall-style QA
. “In a lot of countries we’ll see than 85 percent of people online use Facebook yet maybe 95 percent, in some places 99 percent of people, will use SMS or
send content messages. We suspicion that even yet it was a short-term, unpleasant thing to ask folks to use a apart messaging app, we knew we could never the
peculiarity of knowledge inside as only a add-on in a categorical Facebook app. If we wanted to concentration on unequivocally portion this well, we had to build a dedicated and
focused experience.”

WhatsApp simply sailed to 500 million users, yet Messenger struggled to locate on since people felt no need to implement a app when it was accessible
within Facebook. Facebook tapped PayPal CEO David Marcus to take over Messenger in April, proof that a network had no skeleton to give adult on a own
messaging bid even as it paid billions for WhatsApp. Marcus also has years of knowledge in mobile payments, that Facebook is exploring as a proceed to
make income off messaging.

Marcus also recently told Wired that he’s exploring ways to make it easier for
people to summary with companies, yet it’s misleading what form that would take. Path had a identical idea, yet their proceed is decidedly low-tech: a stand-alone app called Talk that
lets we summary a business, solely it unequivocally works by routing a summary to a Path representative who afterwards calls a business on your behalf. Let’s wish Facebook
takes a opposite approach.

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