Griffey to wear Mariners cap; Piazza Mets: Scenes from HOF presser

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Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza were inaugurated as Hall of Famers Wednesday dusk by a BBWAA. Thursday in New York, they had their Hall of Fame press conference.

The biggest tidbit of information from a presser was that Griffey would be wearing a Seattle Mariners shawl on his Hall of Fame board while Mike Piazza would be wearing a New York Mets hat.

The Hall of Fame creates a preference on that top players will wear, though takes submit from a players. In Griffey’s box it was obvious. In Piazza’s, he was indeed a many improved hitter on a rate basement with a Dodgers for 7 years, though played 246 games some-more with a Mets, and 26 of his 32 career postseason games for them as well. Past that, Piazza’s attribute with a Dodgers has been green for a while and he loves a Mets. So it was easy adequate for a Hall, in all likelihood.

These selections are flattering poignant for any franchise. Griffey is a first-ever Mariner repute in a Hall while Piazza is a first-ever Mets position actor (Tom Seaver has a Mets cap).

As for a rest, here are some team/photo/video highlights of a presser. Click with impunity.

Finally, we generally omit Jose Canseco, though he comes clever with a The Simpsons anxiety here:

Junior incited his shawl around for a signature impulse Thursday. ( screen-grab)

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