Governor McAuliffe meets with Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald

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Published Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015, 9:55 pm
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Governor Terry McAuliffe, Secretary John Harvey, and Secretary Bill Hazel met Wednesday with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald to plead ways that Virginia can partner with a VA to accelerate entrance to health caring for Virginia veterans.

The assembly was a follow-up to a Virginia Summit on Veterans Health Care Access hold in November, that brought together tip leaders from a Veterans Health Administration with state officials and private health caring providers to try how Virginia could urge accessibility of services for veterans.  As a outcome of a summit,Virginia became a initial state in a republic to rise provider agreements between Federally Qualified Health Centers and a VA by a Veterans Choice Program.  To date, 4 Federally Qualified Health Centers, with 22 sites of care, have sealed adult to yield health services to authorised veterans.

At a meeting, Governor McAuliffe due other probable solutions to raise access, including entirely leveraging telemedicine, building new entrance points for care, and pity of space. “I know that by operative together, we will continue to find artistic solutions to these challenges, stated Governor McAuliffe.  “I am committed to a means of accelerating entrance to health caring for a veterans and ensuring that Virginia is a indication for a whole republic for effectively partnering with a VA.”

Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs John Harvey said, “Virginia is pulling out all a stops to support a veterans.  It is a avocation to rise innovative and fit programs that have certain impacts, as we continue to lead national in portion a quick flourishing maestro population.

“Access to caring is a vicious emanate here since Virginia has a fastest-growing maestro race of any state,”said Secretary of Health and Human Resources Bill Hazel. “We conclude a support of Secretary McDonald and his group and demeanour brazen to collaborating to make a complement work as it is dictated for a advantage of a veterans.”

In further to anticipating improved ways to yield Virginia veterans with peculiarity health care, Virginia is heading a approach on finale maestro homelessness. Virginia is staid to turn a initial state in a republic to finish maestro homelessness in 2015, and final month Governor McAuliffe announced that in 100 days, Virginia reduced maestro homelessness by 75%.


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