Gordon wins during Dover; Kahne gets final Chase send slot

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DOVER, Del. — Rick Hendrick figured it was over.

One of his drivers, Kasey Kahne, was too distant behind during Dover International Speedway in NASCAR’s initial playoff elimination. It seemed as if usually 3 of Hendrick Motorsports’ 4 cars would advance.

“I suspicion we were done,” Hendrick pronounced of Kahne’s No. 5 team. “I unequivocally had created it off about two-thirds by a race. we only suspicion we were not going to get a mangle to get behind in it.”

But Kahne pulled off an extraordinary convene from 4 laps down and grabbed a 12th and final send mark into a second turn of a Chase for a Sprint Cup.

AJ Allmendinger, Kurt Busch, Greg Biffle and Aric Almirola missed a cutoff, and Kahne teammate Jeff Gordon won a race, creation a day all a sweeter for Hendrick’s four-car team.

Kahne is advantageous to be relocating forward. He had a top-five automobile to start a day, though a lax circle forced him to make an unscheduled array stop while his competitors kept racing.

VIDEO: Kahne passes Biffle for 12th slot

A lax circle occurs when a array organisation does not tie all of a projection nuts during a array stop, that causes a quivering and can eventually means a automobile to crash. The group couldn’t means not to scold a problem immediately.

The leaders lapped Kahne twice during that stop, afterwards twice some-more after in a competition during another green-flag stop. But Kahne got dual laps behind when a rest of a margin pitted underneath green, afterwards came within one path of a leaders, interjection to a counsel that authorised him to take a wave-around. To tip off his comeback, Kahne got assistance as a doing on Busch’s automobile went divided and Busch faded to 18th.

But Kahne pronounced his group should never have been in that situation.

“Pit organisation guys improved step it up,” Kahne pronounced on a group radio after a race. “Need we guys. Need we if we wish to go serve than this.”

“Yes sir, we gotta straighten that up, guys,” organisation arch Kenny Francis echoed. “You all gotta get in a game. You wish to competition or not? This is what it’s all about. Let’s go race.”

The power of a conditions — where drivers’ playoff hopes could finish with one mistake — is substantially rare in NASCAR. Only a regular-season culmination during Richmond International Raceway, that sets a Chase field, is comparable.

But Kahne pronounced Dover — a initial of 3 rejecting races in 9 weeks — was “easily as heated (as Richmond races) and substantially some-more so, since we know you’re closer to a finish of a deteriorate and some-more relies on this.

“I consider a points complement is great, though we can’t trust a vigour and highlight it relates on these teams and a drivers when you’re during a behind finish of a (playoff) field,” he said.

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