Google reportedly in satellite investment talks with SpaceX

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Like other tech companies, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is tinkering with satellite Internet service.

Google is deliberating a probable investment in rocket builder SpaceX to beef adult efforts to broach Internet entrance around satellite, according a news by The Information.

The investment deal, that has not been finalized, would value a rocket builder in additional of $10 billion, sources described as informed with a talks told The information. Such a partnership would accelerate both companies’ skeleton for providing low-cost Internet entrance to underserved regions of a globe

Representatives for Google and SpaceX did not respond to requests for comment.

Silicon Valley companies have been tinkering with ways to yield arguable Internet entrance to building regions, while also presumably appropriation a remunerative new user base, though investing in costly ground-based infrastructure. Facebook pronounced in Mar it was exploring how to use “drones, satellites, and lasers to broach a Internet to everyone,” while Google was reportedly formulation to spend some-more than $1 billion to deploy hundreds of low-Earth circuit satellites.

Facebook was pronounced to be meddlesome in appropriation Titan Aerospace, a builder of a solar-powered high-altitude drone, as partial of a devise to muster 11,000 unmanned aerial vehicles over tools of a creation that miss Internet access. But Google dissapoint those skeleton a bit when it acquired a New Mexico-based startup final Apr for an undisclosed sum.

Titan’s 20-person group is pronounced to be operative closely with Google’s Project Loon, an commencement innate out of Google’s in-house skunkworks trickery Google X to broach Internet around atmosphere balloon. Unveiled in 2013, a high-flying balloons are solar-powered, remote-controlled, and can navigate stratospheric winds 12 miles above a aspect of a Earth — distant aloft than many planes travel. And, identical to a approach satellite Internet works, a balloons can promulgate with special antennas and receiver stations on a ground.

Google’s skeleton apparently dovetail with a ambitions of Elon Musk, a CEO of SpaceX, that specializes in delivering reserve to astronauts during a International Space Station and deploying blurb satellites. Musk confirmed in Nov that his association was operative toward constructing and deploying a swift of modernized satellites that would yield low-cost Internet entrance around a world.

SpaceX’s new network, that would be comprised of roughly 4,000 satellites orbiting about 750 miles above earth, would take during slightest 5 years to rise and cost around $10 billion, Musk has said. But while other tech giants prognosticate a some-more secular benefit, Musk sees a network as providing supports to build a Martian city.

“We see it as a long-term income source for SpaceX to be means to account a city on Mars,” Musk told Bloomberg final week. He didn’t offer specifics on how he’ll make income off a project, though he did discuss a probability of offered satellites after a network is completed.

Musk founded SpaceX in 2002 to “to change space technology, with a ultimate idea of enabling people to live on other planets,” according to a SpaceX website. It won a $2.6 billion contract from NASA final year, apropos one of a initial private companies — a other is Boeing — set to packet astronauts to a International Space Station, commencement as early as 2017.

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