Google Maps for Android to supplement “WiFi-only” mode

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The folks during Android Police uncovered that a new chronicle of Google Maps for Android now lets users set Google Maps to usually work in WiFi mode. This way, we do not have to use your mobile information while regulating Google Maps, presumption we pre-downloaded a maps before we left your WiFi connection.

If your Maps app has perceived a WiFi usually mode setting, we will be means to entrance it by opening a Settings shade and looking for a new toggle on a second line with a title, “Wi-Fi only.” Android Police explained:

If it’s there, you’re set to go offline. This line used to be patrician “offline areas,” and it still provides a couple to a same shade if we daub a description, though it has been protracted with a new pretension and a switch. Just be wakeful that drumming a pretension or switch will effectively cut maps off from mobile data, and drumming anywhere on a outline will open a pattern shade for offline areas.

Here is a design of a setting:

When we spin it on, we get this prompt:

This “Wi-Fi only” blue bar shows adult during a tip when active:

People also are seeing new mass movement check notifications as another underline in a app.

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