Goodell stands indicted in justice of open opinion

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Roger Goodell now stands accused, in a justice of open opinion, of fibbing about observant a Ray Rice elevator-punch video.

The doubt now is, does a joining do it a 49er way? Let Goodell continue heading a biggest sports joining in a universe while due routine plays out. Or do they do what me and a rest of a hysterical, self-righteous border wanted a 49ers to do in a Ray McDonald case? Put a male on a dais until he is cleared.

The Associated Press has a law coercion source observant a NFL perceived a video 3 months ago. Click HERE to review a story.

Goodell expected will continue to repudiate he saw it or knew his bureau had a video.

The man’s core firmness is in question. The joining can’t afford, legally or morally, to be led by a male who competence distortion by his teeth on a matter of grave governmental importance—domestic violence. Roger a Truth Dodger?

If we can’t trust Goodell on this, a joining is a joke, a lying, soulless moneymaking appurtenance led by a male who will contend anything to strengthen his hindquarters.

Bench Goodell now? My hysterical, self-righteous palm is in a air.

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