Giants-Cubs Game 1: Final measure and things to know as Cubs take 1-0 array lead

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Friday night during Wrigley Field, a
Chicago Cubs
bested a
San Francisco Giants
in Game 1 of a best-of-five NLDS (CHC 1, SF 0). It was a classical pitcher’s duel between
Jon Lester
Johnny Cueto
, and it wasn’t until
Javier Baez
‘s solo home run in a eighth inning that a scoreless tie was broken. What a smashing diversion of baseball. They should all be like this.

Here are 8 things to know about Game 1. The Giants and Cubs will play Game 2 on Saturday night. Here’s how we can watch.

1. Baez strike a biggest homer of his life

What a brilliantly pitched diversion by both Lester and Cueto. Their pitching lines are a thing of beauty:

Lester: 8 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 5 K
Cueto: 8 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 10 K

The Giants have played dual postseason games this year and they were both Grade-A pitchers’ duels. Just dual good pitchers doing their thing. This was round during a best.

Anyway, Baez unfastened a diversion with one out in a eighth inning, when he strike a biggest home run of his life. To a movement footage:

The camera work wasn’t a best on that one — a round looked like it was going to land on Waveland Avenue before settling into a basket — yet it doesn’t matter. A homer is a homer, and that homer diversion a Cubs a 1-0 array lead. Baez is now usually a 12th actor in story to strike a home run in a 1-0 postseason game:

That’s some list of names. That
Jorge Posada
diversion in 2001 was a Derek Jeter flip play game, we know.

2. The Giants were attacked of a leadoff travel in a ninth

Even with supercloser
Aroldis Chapman
on a mound, a Giants did not go sensitively in a ninth.
Buster Posey
smoked a two-out double to left-center that looked like it had a possibility to leave a yard off a bat, putting a restraining run in scoring position.

Earlier in a inning,
Gorkys Hernandez
unequivocally scarcely drew a leadoff walk, yet initial bottom ump Adam Porter called this a pitch …

… ensuing in a strikeout. That’s a equivocal pitch during best. Who knows how a inning would have played out had Gorkys been awarded initial bottom — a Cubs would have pitched a following batters differently with Hernandez on base, so who knows if Posey would have doubled, etc. — yet still. The Giants certain would have appreciated a leadoff baserunner.

3. Posey done a dear baserunning mistake

The Giants unequivocally scarcely took a 1-0 lead in a fourth inning. With Posey on first,
Angel Pagan
carried a soothing line expostulate to left domain that
Ben Zobrist
unsuccessful to catch. He slid brazen and a round got underneath his glove, afterwards rolled behind him and into left field. It was a singular defensive miscue for a Cubbies.

There were dual outs during a time, nonetheless replays showed Posey hesitated on a bases between initial and second, as if he was watchful to see possibly a round was held so he could tab up. Simply put, it looked like Posey mislaid lane of a outs. He should have been using all a approach with dual outs, and once a round got by Zobrist, he would have had a good possibility to score. Instead, Posey usually got to third, and a Giants couldn’t get him home.

4. The Giants tested Lester early

Lester’s issues throwing to bases are well-documented. Lots of pitchers onslaught throwing to a bases, yet Lester’s problems are extreme. Naturally, a Giants tested him early. Hernandez reached bottom to start a diversion by pulling a bunt in Lester’s ubiquitous direction. Right divided they forced Lester to make a play.

Hernandez again attempted to take advantage of Lester’s throwing issues by hidden second base, yet catcher
David Ross
threw him out by a far-reaching margin. Runners have stolen 72 bases in 96 attempts opposite Lester a final dual seasons, or 75 percent. Good thought by Gorkys, only didn’t work out. Great chuck by Ross.

5. San Francisco’s baserunning was abysmal

Being assertive opposite Lester: good! Running a bases like a Giants did Friday night: bad!

The Giants done 3 bad baserunning plays Friday night. Hernandez was thrown out perplexing to take in a first, Posey evidently forgot how many outs there were in a fourth, and Wild Card Game favourite
Conor Gillaspie
was picked off initial on a snap chuck by Ross in a third.

That’s dual outs on a bases and one curtain not advancing as distant as he should have within a initial 4 innings of a game. Rough. Little things like that are mostly a disproportion between winning and losing in a parsimonious diversion like this. Ross, by a way, is a initial catcher with a held hidden and pickoff in same postseason diversion given Hall of Famer Gabby Hartnett in 1935.

6. Rizzo played second base, arrange of

Despite being one of a best defensive teams in history, a Cubs didn’t change a whole lot this season. In fact, according to Baseball Info Solutions, Chicago ranked passed final in round with 399 shifts used in 2016. Dead last! The
Miami Marlins
used a subsequent fewest shifts during 453. Crazy, huh? Those impassioned shifts didn’t follow manager Joe Maddon from a
Tampa Bay Rays
to a Cubs, apparently.

Anyway, a Cubbies did use a change in a third inning, and it was a flattering engaging one. First baseman
Anthony Rizzo
altered approach in on a infield — he was maybe 40 feet divided from home image — in expectation of Cueto laying down a weal bunt. He even altered gloves and used an infielder’s mitt, not a large clunky initial baseman’s mitt.

The weal bunt never did get laid down since Gillaspie got picked off, yet for that one play, Rizzo was strictly a second baseman. Baez, a second baseman, was covering initial on a play and was strictly a initial baseman for one batter. Crazy, huh?

The final time a lefty thrower played second bottom was, coincidentally enough, a George Brett hunger connect diversion in 1983.
New York Yankees
manager Billy Martin was dissapoint MLB inspected a
Kansas City Royals
‘ protest, so when a diversion resumed, he done a hoax of it by relocating his players around. First baseman Don Mattingly altered to second base, hence a lefty thrower during second. Ron Guidry played core domain in that diversion too.

7. Both teams put on a defensive clinic

If you’re a fan of good invulnerability — and really, who isn’t? — this was a diversion for you. The dual clubs traded glorious defensive plays all night. Giants second baseman
Kelby Tomlinson
done during slightest dual illusory diving stops, Hernandez done a shifting locate on a warning track, Ross threw dual runners out … this diversion had it all defensively. Lester and Cueto were fantastic. They also got some large time assistance from their fielders. This diversion was a fun to watch.

8. Bill Murray was during a game

Comedian and doctrinaire Cubs fan Bill Murray was during Wrigley Field for Game 1 on Friday night. He was also wearing an A+ t-shirt. Check it out:

That’s awesome. Such a good shirt. Murray is a outrageous round fan, we know. Not only a Cubs either. He is partial owners of several teenager joining teams, including a Class A Charleston RiverDogs (Yankees) and Hudson Valley Renegades (Rays).

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