George W. Bush Went On A Date With Nixon’s Daughter, And Other Nuggets …

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It was 1968, and George H.W. Bush had set his oldest son adult for a date with Tricia Nixon, a daughter of President Richard Nixon.

As former boss George W. Bush now recalls in his new book, a date — during a cooking to respect an wanderer in Washington — did not go well.

“Being a swashbuckling pilot, we had taken to drink,” Bush recalls in a book, expelled Tuesday. “I reached for some butter, knocked over a glass, and watched in fear as a symbol of red booze crept opposite a table. Then we dismissed adult a cigarette, call a respectful idea from Tricia that we not smoke.”

“The date came to an finish when she asked me to take her behind to a White House immediately after dinner,” Bush wrote. “When we returned to a party, my father was station around chatting with a few friends.”

One crony of his father whispered a doubt to him: “Get any?”

“Not even close,” Bush replied with a grin.

“More than forty years later, when we gathering by a White House gates as president, we suspicion behind to that initial revisit and had a good chuckle.”

That version is enclosed in “41: A Portrait Of My Father.” Here are several other interesting nuggets from a book:

Bush recounts a phone review with his father’s longtime chief-of staff, who called to tell him his father designed to symbol his 90th birthday by skydiving again.

“Are we certain this is what he wants?” we asked.

“Absolutely,” she said.

“What do a doctors say?”

“Some contend yes, some contend no.”

“What about Mother?”

“She is concerned. She knows that he wants to do it. But she’s disturbed that a burst will tire him out and he won’t be means to suffer a birthday celebration that she’s formulation for a night.”

After some suspicion we said, “I consider he ought to do it.”


“Because it will make him feel younger.”

After going skydiving for his birthday, George H.W. Bush perceived a call from former film star and administrator Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Happy birthday to a many badass ninety-year-old we know,” a physique builder told a former president.

“Laura and we did not attend a convention,” Bush wrote of a 1980 election, after his father mislaid to Ronald Reagan in a primaries. “Instead we went to New York, where we had meetings with investors to plead a oil and gas scrutiny association that we had started in 1979. One of a friends in New York invited us to cooking during a 21 Club. Near a finish of a meal, a maitre d’ approached and pronounced excitedly, ‘Mr. Bush, there’s something on a news that we consider you’ll wish to see.’ He wheeled out a unstable television, and Laura and we watched in startle as Lesley Stahl of CBS News announced to a republic that Ronald Reagan had picked George Bush as his using mate.”

Bush argues a 1981 assassination try on Ronald Reagan showed a boss he could trust his clamp president. After Reagan was shot, George H.W. Bush refused to land his helicopter on a South Lawn of a White House, where a boss customarily lands. Leading a cupboard meeting, Bush also refused to lay in a a president’s seat.

“Crisis has a approach of divulgence character,” Bush wrote of his father. “The President — and a nation — had only seen that Vice President George Bush was a male they could trust.”

“Mother enjoyed a clamp presidential years too,” Bush wrote. “She used her height as Second Lady to foster critical causes, generally education and volunteerism. Unfortunately, she did not have as tighten attribute with Nancy Reagan as Dad with a President. Mrs. Reagan was cordial, though she did not go out of her approach to make Mother feel welcome.”

“I was astounded when Mother told me shortly after Dad was inaugurated President that in her 8 years as a mom of a Vice President she had never toured a White House residence,” Bush wrote. “When we became President, Laura and and we done it a indicate to entice Dick Cheney, Lynne Cheney, and their family to a chateau and to embody them in White House events.”

“He spent all of 1987 with a aim on his back, and a press and his domestic rivals in both parties let copiousness of arrows fly,” Bush wrote of his father. “One of a many vast charges was that he had intent in an additional marital affair.”

Bush gave an talk to a reporter, and referenced a allegations: “The answer to a Big A is N-O.”

Bush pronounced his mom was “furious” he would even enhance a rumors.

“How brave we flaw your father by bringing this up?” Bush pronounced his mom told him.

“My remark did make inhabitant news,” he recalls. “Thankfully, a story died shortly thereafter.”

After withdrawal a White House, Bush invited a daughter of historian David McCullough and her father to his plantation in Texas. She told Bush that her father regrets President John Quincy Adams never finished a critical comment of his father, President John Adams.

“For history’s sake,” she said, “I consider we should write about your father.”

Bush pronounced that planted a seed. “Eventually, it sprouted into this book.”

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