Gazebo where 12-year-old child fatally shot to be disassembled

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The name of a former Oakwood High School star swimmer is a many new in an unaccepted list of area residents that have done headlines opposite a republic for marvellous and/or intolerable offenses.

Brock Turner was unanimously found guilty by a jury in a behind-the-dumpster passionate attack of an intoxicated, comatose lady during Stanford University in Jan 2015.

His 6 month jail judgment and letters seeking tolerance from his father and other supporters has caused a firestorm.

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Here are other scandalous Dayton area residents who committed inhabitant famous offenses trimming from a wandering to to a comparatively minor.


With a assistance of his mom and mother, Martin Luther King recouperated from a stabbing in a New York dialect store in 1958. (Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution Archive)

In 1974, Chenault gunned down Alberta King, a mom of slain polite rights personality Martin Luther King Jr., while she played a organ during a Sunday use during Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church. The Dayton male also killed Edward Boykin, a church deacon.

He died of a cadence in 1995 in an Atlanta-area hospital. He was 44. 


Photo from Apr 30, 1999–Memorial Service for Roger and Larry Troutman during Shiloh Misssionary Baptist Church on Fairbanks Ave in Dayton. Shirly Murdock-DeGroat leads assemblage in prayer. (Source: Dayton Daily News Archive) 

Troutman shot his hermit and bandmate, talkbox colonize Roger Troutman, outward of Roger Troutman’s Dayton song studio as partial of a murder-suicide on Apr 25, 1999.

He was after found passed in his automobile from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to a head. Roger Troutman died during an area hospital. 

The brothers were partial of a mythological Dayton despondency rope Zapp.


The Dayton area’s many obvious criminals of a final 20 years commited one of a tamest crimes.  

Then-18 year aged and of Kettering, Michael Fay found himself in a center of an general discuss over crime and punishment after vandalizing cars and hidden highway signs in  Singapore in 1993.

He was caned after being convicted there of burglary and vandalism.


Archived print from China Arnold’s third hearing in 2011. 

China Arnold is portion life but release for a genocide of her 28-day-old baby girl, Paris Talley.

In one of a many hideous murder cases in new Montgomery County history, prosecutors argued that Arnold killed a baby by blazing her in a x-ray oven.


Alton Coleman and Debra Brown (Source: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections)

Serial torpedo Alton Coleman was executed on Apr 26, 2002 for a six-state murdering debauch in 1994.

He and his common-law wife, Debra Brown, were arrested in Jul 1984 in Evanston, Ill. Authorities contend they were behind a seven-week array of beatings and murders in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Brown’s genocide chastisement  was commuted to a life sentence.


Jerry Kane’s high propagandize annual picture. Contributed print

West Memphis, Ark. military officers Brandon Paudert and Bill Evans were killed after interlude a outpost driven by former Springfield proprietor Jerry Kane in 2010.

Kane, an anti-government U.S. extremist, gave a officers papers that used involved denunciation describing him as a emperor citizen, not firm by a laws of any government.

As a officers looked during a documents, Kane’s 16-year-old son Joseph climbed out of a outpost with an AK-47 and shot them mixed times.

The Kanes were eventually cornered in a Walmart parking lot and died in a accost of gunfire. Two other officers were harm in that gun battle.




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