GameDay Kickoff: Rivalry Week games with CFP implications

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9:30 AM ET

As if bragging rights and recruiting interests weren’t high adequate stakes, some of college football’s best and many storied rivalries have taken on additional definition in a epoch of a College Football Playoff. In a Big 12, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will be spectators this week, as both teams have a bye before Bedlam. That game, too, will lift complicated significance, as a Big 12 champion still has a legitimate shot to finish in a tip four. The other Power 5 conferences will take core theatre in Week 13, when waste turn quite untimely.

Here’s a demeanour during a adversary games that will meant a many to a College Football Playoff, ranked in sequence of biggest intensity impact to a committee’s final tip 4 on Dec. 4:

1. No. 3 Michigan during No. 2 Ohio State

If Michigan wins: The Wolverines win a East Division, will play for a Big Ten title, and Penn State and Ohio State are done. The Buckeyes will have dual losses, won’t win their multiplication and will remove their possibility during unctuous into a tip 4 as a group that didn’t win a discussion championship game. The finality of an Ohio State detriment will be resounding, and will also assistance keep a Big 12’s hopes alive since it wouldn’t have to worry about competing opposite a one-loss Ohio State group in further to a Big Ten champ if Penn State wins a East.

If Ohio State wins: The Buckeyes still need Penn State to remove to Michigan State to win a East, nonetheless an Ohio State feat would discharge Michigan from a playoff. The Buckeyes, though, would afterwards have 4 wins opposite CFP top-25 teams and a résumé that could opposition any in a country. There’s no doubt a cabinet would cruise Ohio State for a mark in a final tip four, nonetheless it would also have to change a Buckeyes’ résumé with a protocol, that requires a cabinet to use discussion championships and head-to-head formula as tiebreakers when résumés are comparable. The doubt is, would anyone’s résumé unequivocally compare?

2. No. 23 Washington State during No. 5 Washington

An illustrated beam to college football’s Rivalry Week

Trophies, grudges, season-making wins, season-breaking losses… here’s a demeanour during 7 of college football’s biggest rivalries entrance adult this weekend. Bonus: Each could have a CFP impact.

If Washington wins: The Huskies would bind a Pac-12 North, and it’s probable they could pierce into a tip four, presumption a crook of a Ohio State-Michigan diversion drops out. A one-loss Washington is still a really viable claimant that can punctuate a résumé with a discussion championship, and it will have to wish a Pac-12 pretension and what should be 3 wins over ranked opponents (Stanford, Utah and South winner) will overcome a diseased nonconference schedule.

If Washington State wins: The Cougars would win a Pac-12 North, that could discharge a Pac-12 entirely. With an FCS detriment on a ledger, Washington State is not going to finish in a tip four. The Pac-12 South leader is guaranteed to have during slightest dual waste and would afterwards be personification a Washington State group in a discussion championship diversion instead of a top-five group in Washington. In that scenario, a cabinet would take a good, prolonged demeanour during a Big 12 winner.

3. South Carolina during No. 4 Clemson

If South Carolina wins: Bye-bye, ACC. Clemson would have dual waste to teams with a walking total 13-9 record (Pitt and South Carolina) before it even gets to a ACC pretension game, where it is expected to face an unranked competition from a Coastal Division. It’s not that a two-loss ACC champ can’t be in; it’s that in this sold scenario, Clemson’s dual waste wouldn’t smoke-stack adult with Oklahoma’s (Houston and Ohio State), Wisconsin’s (Ohio State and Michigan) or even Penn State’s, that also mislaid to Pitt.

If Clemson wins: The Tigers stay in a tip 4 and afterwards contingency equivocate an dissapoint in a ACC pretension diversion to stay in a playoff.

4. Michigan State during No. 7 Penn State

If Michigan State wins: The Nittany Lions are separated from a East Division competition and a playoff conversation. Ohio State will win a East if it beats Michigan and Penn State loses. If Michigan wins, it wins a East, regardless of this game’s outcome.

If Penn State wins: The Nittany Lions also need Michigan to remove to Ohio State to win a East. If that happens, Penn State has a shot during a tip 4 if it can win a Big Ten championship, nonetheless it would have to win a résumé comparison opposite a two-loss Big 12 champion. It’s doubtful Ohio State would get in instead of Penn State, nonetheless there’s a possibility Oklahoma could get in instead, withdrawal a Big Ten out entirely. Nobody is articulate most about a tip 4 that could embody Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma and Washington — nonetheless it could happen.

5. No. 22 Utah during No. 9 Colorado

If Colorado wins: It clinches a Pac-12 South Division and keeps a playoff hopes alive nonetheless would still need help. The best-case unfolding would be for a Buffs to kick a highly-ranked Washington group in a Pac-12 championship game, nonetheless even afterwards a résumé would have to stir a cabinet some-more than a two-loss Big 12 champ. Assuming Alabama, Clemson and a Big Ten champion are in, a fourth mark would come down to a Pac-12 champ, Big 12 champ and presumably a one-loss Ohio State that didn’t win a joining title.

If Utah wins: USC wins a South and could make for an intriguing rematch in a Pac-12 pretension diversion if Washington wins a North, as it would be a possibility for a Huskies to revenge their regular-season detriment to a Trojans. If USC were to kick Washington again to win a Pac-12 title, it would during slightest enter a review as a intensity semifinalist.

6. No. 13 Auburn during No. 1 Alabama

If Auburn wins: Alabama would still be a top-four team, nonetheless afterwards it would be in must-win mode streamer into a SEC pretension diversion opposite Florida. Alabama would afterwards be totalled opposite a other tip one-loss teams, and any transformation in a tip 4 affects seeding. The cabinet will not put a No. 1 group during a geographic waste in a College Football Playoff semifinals during a PlayStation Fiesta Bowl and a Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl on Dec. 31. As prolonged as Alabama stays No. 1, it should be headed to informed domain in Atlanta.

If Alabama wins: The Tide should sojourn a No. 1 group in a country, and would be a usually Power 5 group to finish a unchanging deteriorate undefeated.

7. No. 15 Florida during No. 14 Florida State

If Florida wins: The Gators would be on a three-game winning strain streamer into a SEC pretension diversion opposite Alabama, and if they could lift off an epic upset, they would be really deliberate by a cabinet for a mark in a tip 4 — usually like two-loss Oklahoma, and a intensity two-loss Big Ten champ (Penn State or Wisconsin).

If Florida State wins: The Gators would dump to 3 losses, and an already long-shot group would need a spectacle to finish in a tip four.

8. Minnesota during No. 6 Wisconsin

If Wisconsin wins: The Badgers will bind a Big Ten’s West Division with a win or a Nebraska detriment on Friday. Wisconsin needs to win, though, to countenance a playoff candidacy. If a Badgers win a Big Ten title, and their usually waste of a deteriorate are to Ohio State and Michigan, they would afterwards have to wish their résumé impresses a cabinet some-more than a Big 12 champion’s.

If Minnesota wins: The Badgers would expected be separated from a playoff conversation, and would afterwards need Nebraska to remove to win a division. If Nebraska beats Iowa, though, and Wisconsin loses to Minnesota, Nebraska will win a division.

9. Notre Dame during No. 12 USC

If Notre Dame wins: USC is strictly separated from a playoff conversation, even it wins a Pac-12 South and a discussion title. Four losses, during slightest in theory, should be distant too most to overcome to be deliberate a top-four team.

If USC wins: The CFP hasn’t seen a two-loss group yet, let alone a three-loss discussion champion as a semifinalist, so there’s no fashion to go on, nonetheless USC has clearly tender a cabinet down a stretch. The Trojans would have finished a unchanging deteriorate on an eight-game winning strain nonetheless would still need Utah to kick Colorado to win a South.


Player in a spotlight: Michigan’s QB. Last week was a initial possibility for a preference cabinet to see what Michigan looked like yet harmed starting quarterback Wilton Speight, and his backup, John O’Korn, finished 7-of-16 passes for 59 yards. It didn’t make a hole in a committee’s latest ranking since a cabinet likes Michigan’s 3 wins over CFP top-25 teams and a Wolverines’ defense. Still, Michigan will need some-more from a flitting diversion to kick a No. 2 group in a country. Michigan had to rest heavily on a using diversion opposite IU and looked one-dimensional and mostly predictable. Who will be Michigan’s QB in Columbus, and can he assistance disintegrate a Buckeyes?

Matchup to watch: Auburn’s rushing offense vs. Bama’s run defense. Auburn leads all Power 5 schools in rushing yards per diversion while Alabama’s run invulnerability also leads a Power 5 in a same category.

Upset watch: Michigan State during Penn State. The Spartans have zero to lose, and are a well-coached group in annoy of their 3-8 record. They usually pushed Ohio State to a brink, and have a intensity to do it again in Happy Valley.

Don’t forget about: The Commonwealth Cup. Virginia during Virginia Tech is an overshadowed adversary diversion this week, nonetheless one that could have playoff implications as a Coastal Division leader will have a possibility to dissapoint Clemson in a ACC pretension game. The Hokies will bind a Coastal with a win or a North Carolina detriment opposite NC State.

Under-the-radar game: Wyoming during New Mexico. This diversion matters to a New Year’s Six Bowl design since even nonetheless Boise State is a committee’s tip Group of 5 group right now during No. 19, a Broncos still need Wyoming to remove Saturday to bind their multiplication in a Mountain West. The highest-ranked Group of 5 champion is guaranteed a mark in a New Year’s Six bowl, so if Boise doesn’t even win a division, undefeated Western Michigan should take a lead.

Dubious distinction: Sorry, Georgia Tech, this one goes to you. Georgia has won 13 of a past 15 games in this rivalry, including final season. Small feat for a Jackets — Georgia Tech won a final assembly in Athens in 2014.

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