Galaxy Note 7, RIP. Samsung, you’ve got to reconstruct a trust

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Death of Samsung’s Note 7 leaves unanswered questions

If Samsung wants to win behind consumer trust, it needs to initial answer questions about because a phone is disposed to throwing fire.

by Bridget Carey

Samsung‘s Galaxy Note 7 disturbance is zero brief of devastating.

The association reliable on Tuesday that it had henceforth close down production of a Galaxy Note 7, bringing to an finish a tale of a troubled, fire-prone handset. On Monday night, it had issued a warning to users to energy down and spin in their phones.

That’s a good start, though Samsung will have a prolonged approach to go to win behind a public’s trust.

Samsung, after all, is confronting an rare crisis, opposite even from a massive Volkswagen remember from this year or even a Tylenol disturbance in 2010. The Korean wiring firm was in adequate prohibited H2O after a initial recall, though a second remember of deputy units raises questions about a visualisation and ability to redeem a protected product. From a sales viewpoint alone, a detriment of a Note 7 could cost $2.75 billion, according to Macquarie Research.

The residual effects in terms of consumer notice and a code could be even some-more damning, and might extend to Samsung’s large line of products, from refrigerators to televisions to washing machines.

The Samsung Family Hub fridge might be one of a side products that survives this debacle.


“The large cost will be how it hurts a brand,” pronounced Simon Blanchard, partner highbrow of selling during Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. “It’s going to follow them for utterly a while.”

But not all is lost. Here are a steps, both judicious and drastic, that Samsung needs to take to correct a repute and win we back. (Samsung declined to criticism over today’s matter confirming a shutdown.)

Get proactive. Samsung finished a confidant pierce when it recalled a initial run of Note 7 phones. Then it got some-more tentative. The final few days have seen a drip of statements from Samsung, even as a conduit partners have changed fast to stretch themselves from a phone. Early Monday, a association pronounced it would “temporarily adjust” a prolongation report of a phone. By Tuesday, it had close down completely.

That also means Samsung needs to get active in removing a roughly 1 million business who bought a Note 7 to trade in their phones, including a die-hards who’d rather keep a phone and take their chances. The final thing Samsung needs is something some-more comfortless to occur than a few busted phones and a singed aeroplane carpet.

“Fortunately, in all these instances nobody got severely injured,” pronounced Carolina Milanesi, an researcher during Creative Strategies.

Make good on this disaster. Many Galaxy Note 7 owners didn’t only buy a phone — many expected bought accessories like phone cases and charging docks. Samsung has to go over simply charity a deputy for a phones; it needs to make certain each one of a business is finished whole. Samsung has pronounced Note business are a many loyal, so it unequivocally needs to keep them happy.

Be upfront. Samsung gave a deceptive reason of because a battery overheated. The association will have to be some-more blunt — and specific — a subsequent time around.

“Samsung has to possess a mistake and explain because it’s not a problem for all of a products,” Blanchard said. “It’s probable to redeem from this, though it does need some transparency.”

CNET attempted to figure out because a Note 7 phones were throwing fire, though a formula are inconclusive. Samsung could strew a small light.

Double down on Galaxy. These troubles meant it’s even some-more critical for Samsung to wow when it comes to a subsequent new phone. Based on a lane record, that will be a Galaxy S8, that will launch someday early subsequent year.

Samsung will have to work tough to erase a memory of this incident, and it will expected have to continue some jabs and questions about a reserve of destiny products. But Samsung some-more than ever needs a breakthrough device.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is now a best phone in Samsung’s lineup.

Josh Miller/CNET

You could disagree that a Note 7 occurrence has sinister a Galaxy name, though it’s doubtful that Samsung will dump a code that it’s poured billions of dollars into over a final 6 years.

“Samsung has invested distant too many in it, and a Galaxy S products — a categorical reward phones — are not affected,” pronounced Avi Greengart, who covers consumer products for Current Analysis.

He and other analysts suggested a stylus, a large differentiating cause in a Note, could make a approach to a Galaxy S line.

Kill a Note brand. This is by distant a many extreme move. Samsung will have to cut a waste and clean a Note code off a slate.

That’s easier pronounced than done, given a success of a Note family before this problem and a fact that a whole trend of oversize phones originated with Samsung. But a Note code is tarnished over repair. Think of a Ford Pinto‘s problem with ripping into abandon after being rear-ended. People still snicker about that one, 4 decades later.

What will they contend about a Note 8? “This one doesn’t explode!”

In this case, starting uninformed might be a best approach to safeguard a Note 7 is a faded memory.

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