Galaxy Note 7 recall: Everything we need to know about returning and exchanging your phone

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The Galaxy Note 7 is a “hoverboard” of 2016

A hide look during renders of a ne w Google Pixel phone. Plus, Samsung’s bursting phones and remember efforts go from bad, to unequivocally bad.

by Brian Tong

What is a Galaxy Note 7 remember about?

Samsung willingly removed a Galaxy Note 7 phone when some buyers beheld a major battery flaw that caused a phone to raze and infrequently detonate into flames, deleterious property and leaking dangerous chemicals.

Shortly after Samsung’s recall, a US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) made a remember official, in partial due to an appeal by Consumer Reports. That means a phones can’t be sole in a US (other countries might follow suit). Certain airlines are restraint use of a phone onboard planes as well. Although Samsung says a tiny series of inclination gifted a problem — primarily 35 of an estimated 2.5 million done — a calamity keeps worsening with new reports of explosions. When pulpy how many sum cases have been reported, Samsung told CNET, “We have no additional information to share about this during this time.”

Is it dangerous to keep regulating my phone? Is it probable that my Note 7 will casually combust?

Yes. Instances of glow and corporeal mistreat are still entrance to light. If we possess a Note 7, we should energy it down immediately and find to sell or reinstate a phone (see below).

Really, though, it feels fine.

You unequivocally need to lapse a phone. Turn it off. Now.

What should we do if my phone catches fire?

If we can, lard a abandon with a fire extinguisher or baking soda. Water will help, too (if a phone isn’t plugged in). If we don’t have those items, try to (safely) pierce it to a non-flammable aspect and let it bake out.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 looks overwhelming in…

What are my options to lapse or sell a Note 7?

Samsung has a somewhat opposite sell module for any region. For example, in a US, it’s already underway. The UK module begins Sep 19 and in Australia, we can start exchanging your device on Sep 21.

Is Samsung doing anything in a meantime to assistance strengthen people?

Samsung skeleton to emanate a program refurbish that caps a battery’s recharge ability during 60 percent, nonetheless it isn’t transparent when a association will rigourously send a update, and if users in each nation will accept it. The thought is that if a battery stops brief of a full capacity, it will forestall a issues causing combustion.

Is there anything we should do to prepared my phone before branch it in?

First you’ll wish to backup a device. Here’s how. Depending where we bought a phone, we can take it to your conduit or sell store for some-more assistance saving and transferring a essence to a new device before wiping a Note 7 with a bureau reset and retrieving a SIM card. If we bought a phone directly from, you’ll need to call into your internal Samsung patron use for some-more specific instructions on mailing and returning a phone.

How prolonged will Samsung give full refunds on a Note 7?

A Samsung orator told CNET:

“Standard lapse policies have been extend to concede for a full reinstate or exchange. Consumers should check with their indicate of squeeze for serve information. We are seeking owners to energy down their Note7 inclination and sell them today.”

In other words, a lapse window is unclear. A patron use deputy on a US assistance line also couldn’t share a specific cut-off time with me. When pressed, a deputy said, “I don’t consider it’s going to be a problem if we need another dual weeks or a month.” However, it isn’t transparent if this is certified guidance.

Is Samsung doing anything else for Note 7 owners?

Depending on your region, Samsung might offer a tiny money inducement to use a opposite Samsung device. In a US, that’s a $25 credit to folks who switch to a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

Will a sell routine be easy or hard?

The section we bought ourselves was easy to lapse during a T-Mobile store in San Francisco for a full reinstate (not an exchange). Since Samsung leads we to make earnings by your initial retailer, a knowledge might change by your location.

If we don’t wish to switch, how prolonged will it take to get a new Note 7?

Great question. The answer is that we don’t know. In a US, a new collection of unblushing Note 7s will have to transparent CPSC approval. That could take months. Samsung says it will concentration on removing users deputy phones first. The patron caring deputy we spoke with pronounced that a new phones are prepared for distribution, nonetheless are accessible CPSC approval.

If we get a new Note, how will we know if it’s safe?

If you’re in a US, a supervision will need to approve inclination before Samsung or retailers can discharge them. The wrapping will also yield clues. The boxes a new Note 7 will boat in underline “a tiny black block on a white barcode tag along with a white plaque with a blue minute ‘S’, according to this Samsung support site. We also know from this site that in Australia during least, a database will be accessible for checking a new Note 7’s IMEI series — that’s your phone’s singular identifier. (How to find your phone’s IMEI.)

A Samsung orator added: “We are operative with mixed suppliers to control severe inspections and we do not expect any serve battery issues. In sequence to safeguard a quality, we’ve stopped regulating a battery from a retailer in question. All Galaxy Note 7 deputy inclination will be versed with a battery from other suppliers. New Note 7 inclination will be accessible following CPSC approval.” Note that a CPSC capitulation refers to inclination sole in a US only.

What will occur to my Note 7 if we don’t lapse it?

There’s a good possibility that Samsung will refurbish a Note 7 phones with program to extent a battery charging to 60 percent (mentioned above). There’s also a gossip that Samsung will remotely deactivate phones that aren’t incited in, nonetheless Samsung hasn’t strictly settled that it will or won’t do this.

I don’t wish a Note 7 anymore. What are my alternatives?

Samsung faces a toughest faithfulness exam yet. We’ve now had a possibility to entirely examination a iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus; both are good choices, nonetheless like any phone purchase, they might not be a best choice for you. The large-screen Galaxy S7 Edge is an glorious phone that’s fundamentally a Note 7 reduction a stylus, and a S7 is a smaller chronicle of that nonetheless with a flat, rather than winding screen. The LG V20 and Sony Xperia XZ are also earnest inclination we have seen nonetheless have nonetheless to entirely review, and a Google Nexus successors (rumored to be called a Pixel phones) are presumably right around a corner.

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