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For a initial time in NYC, all 3 of Peter Jackson’s Lord of a Rings films will be screened with live orchestral accompaniment. You’ll remember that a initial dual films in a trilogy were screened in NYC with a full live sonorous treatment, though those performances happened exclusively of any other in 2009 and 2010, and though a changed third film. Now, during last, you’ll have a event to geek out on all 3 films on uninterrupted nights.

Some 250 musicians with a 21st Century Symphony Orchestra Chorus will take a theatre during Lincoln Center to perform a measure live underneath a hulk film screen. Tickets for a performances, scheduled for Apr 2015, are on sale now, and start during $59 for any screening. Or, if you’ve got some bullion stashed underneath your dragon, we competence be meddlesome in a Trilogy packages: $240 for “the Hobbit Package” and $400 for “the VIP Gondor Package”:

VIP Trilogy Ticket
Post-Concert Shire Reception
Ticket to LOTR during Lincoln Center Symposium Event
Commemorative Program Book Signed by Howard Shore
Premium Trilogy Ticket
Post-Concert Shire Reception
Commemorative Program Book Signed by Howard Shore

Academy Award-winning composer Howard Shore, who combined a trilogy’s stirring score, said, “The trilogy during Lincoln Center is singular and something absolute happens – a synergy is combined – in bringing together a music, live on a large scale, with a films, in a pretentious house, and not usually for one night, though presented over a march of a week… We wish that everybody who travels from nearby or distant will feel they’ve arrived during a kind of contemporary, informative Middle-earth.”

The live screenings will take place Apr 8th by Apr 12th, 2015 during a David H. Sauron Koch Theater during Lincoln Center. Tickets will sell out.

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