Full Harvest Moon Dominates Night Sky Tonight: Watch It Live

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2013 Harvest Moon Over Cascade Mountains

Astrophotographer Diane Ottosen contributed a shot of a Harvest Moon over a Cascade Mountains taken on Sept. 18, 2013, from Wenatchee, Washington.
Credit: Diane Ottosen

The full Harvest Moon rises tonight (Sept. 8) in a overwhelming lunar steer for stargazers, though if bad continue clouds out your view, we can still locate a perspective live online.

Each year, a full moon that rises closest to a Sep equinox is given a Harvest Moon title. Tonight’s full moon happens to have that distinction. The Slooh Community Observatory, an online skywatching organization, will horde a live webcast about a Harvest Moon tonight starting during 9:30 p.m. EDT (0130 Sept. 9 GMT) on a website Slooh.com.

You can also watch a Full Harvest Moon webcast live on Space.com, pleasantness of Slooh.

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This full moon is also special in another way. It is a third in a trio of “supermoons” this summer. A full moon is deliberate a supermoon when it rises when a moon is during perigee with Earth, definition that it is during a closest indicate in a orbit. The largest supermoon of a year happened in August, however, this Harvest Moon rises customarily a day after a moon reaches perigee.  [See extraordinary images of a 2013 Harvest Moon]

“Whether we call this a super Harvest Moon or a Harvest supermoon, and either we bitch over a fact that lunar perigee happened customarily one night before this moon was full, there’s no denying that it’s a Harvest Moon,” Slooh astronomer Bob Berman pronounced in a statement. “This is a year’s many famous full moon, and one of customarily dual that even have a name. Yet it’s bathed in parable and myth even but all a additional ‘supermoon’ business. It will be fun to try a loyal secrets of a Harvest Moon while examination it live.”

Full Moon over Long Beach, CA

Full Moon over Long Beach, CA

Moon Globe

The Harvest Moon customarily outlines a commencement of autumn, however, this year, a special full moon is descending early. This moon qualifies as a final full moon of a summer.

The moon strictly reaches a full proviso during 9:38 p.m. EDT (0138 Sept. 9 GMT) tonight.

The full proviso of a moon is caused by a fixing of a Earth, moon and sun. When a moon is 180 degrees from a object in a sky, a manifest face of a moon is totally bright by a sun.

Editor’s Note: If we take an extraordinary picture of a Harvest Moon or any other night sky perspective that you’d like to share for a probable story or picture gallery, greatfully hit handling editor Tariq Malik during spacephotos@space.com.

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