Fortune: What Apple’s Steve Jobs brought to Bob Iger’s Disney

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One of a highlights of Michal Lev-Ram’s cover story in a stream emanate of Fortune is a territory about Bob Iger’s attribute with Steve Jobs, who brought Pixar’s hit-making appurtenance to Disney


and became, in return, Disney’s largest shareholder and a pivotal advisor.

In a second piece posted Tuesday, Lev-Ram fleshes out that territory with new sum from her notebook. Among them:

  • Their paths crossed early; Jobs had antiquated Iger’s wife’s college roommate.
  • When Iger got a CEO pursuit during Disney, he called his family, his former trainer and Steve Jobs, in that sequence — even though, Iger confesses, he didn’t know Jobs really well.
  • “Every once in a while he’d come to me meditative a sky’s descending detached and that a business [the party industry] was screwed.”
  • “The whole app world, that happened most faster and in some-more surpassing ways than he ever anticipated,” says Iger. “He never envisioned an app industry.”


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