For a Washington Redskins, another bold awakening

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Defensive linemen Jason Hatcher and Chris Baker were among a final to finish sauce during FedEx Field early Friday after Washington had finished a 45-14 detriment to a New York Giants. Coach Jay Gruden called it “a debacle,” yet that tenure ran a risk of slurring trusting debacles everywhere.

“Rude awakening,” a 325-pound Baker pronounced to no one in sold yet shrill adequate for Hatcher to hear. Then, like an antiphonal response in an old-time-religion church, Hatcher echoed behind “rude awakening” with a word “rude” drawn out for emphasis.

“We suspicion we were nice,” responded Baker, jolt his conduct after that final mocking word.

In a NFL, it takes a while to figure out who’s unequivocally “nice” and who’s usually naughty. But it certain doesn’t take until Christmas to make adult your mind who gets candy canes and who gets lumps of coal. Sometimes, 20 days and 4 games is adequate justification of a team’s operation of play to strech conclusions.

After personification dual bad teams that went 6-26 final year, and a really good Eagles garland and a common sight of Giants, Washington is a 1-3 group that’s substantially on a approach to something like 4-12. Although, to give Dan Snyder correct credit for his long, unchanging patterns, that might be offered his authorization short. Over time, underneath many of his coaches, they normal out to 5-11 — his class as an owner.

That record might continue to be informed for years to come since these 4 games have given dual damning information points: Robert Griffin III breaks easier than a Waterford clear that some fans sent him when he got married, and Kirk Cousins is a good backup quarterback yet fit for puncture use only.

Now we know since Gruden demanded and got a five-year agreement notwithstanding never being an NFL conduct man. Snyder’s coaches see their reputations age in Dan Years, so he always has to compensate during a commencement for a repairs he’ll do by a end. In this case, it seems expected that Gruden will spend years profitable for a consequences of Snyder, Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan spending so most for Griffin and pang dual years of register atrophy since of income top penalties. It was on their watch; they possess it.

Thursday night’s detriment was, indeed, a bold awakening since it is easy to get fooled early in NFL seasons, possibly by particular players like Cousins or whole squads, like Washington’s Team To Be Renamed Later.

The outcome of any one NFL diversion lends itself to farfetched conclusions. And no team’s fan base, as good as most of a media, jumps to farfetched conclusions some-more fast than Washington’s. Instead of giveaway pizza, give any fan who ventures to FedEx Field a giveaway towel as a interruption present to clean a egg off his face after a subsequent city-wide crazy mood swing.

The group itself tends to a manic depressive in a self-evaluations, overhanging from deceived confidence between seasons, that pleases a owners and helps marketing, to a unavoidable extreme sinner’s distress in failure, maybe in hopes that if we lash yourself maybe a trainer won’t.

“We couldn’t have beaten William and Mary tonight. We couldn’t have beaten a high propagandize team,” reserve Ryan Clark said. “Every actor on that group was improved than any actor on a team.”

Gruden’s scorched-earth comments, starting with himself, should substantially be noticed simply as healthy candor, not any agenda. But they fit this team’s Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde self-analysis.

“This was a sum group disturbance and sum group mastery by a Giants. They looked improved coached. . . .We were abysmal. That was a sum boundary kicking,” pronounced Gruden, who combined that 6 turnovers and usually 14 points were due to “poor play-calling, bad play design, bad protection, good defense.”

A humble Baker said, “We’re not as good as we think, obviously.”

Who told them they were good? Find him, close him adult and chuck divided a key. The usually thing a 3-13 group can wish to be a subsequent deteriorate is Less Bad. This authorization thinks a healthy NFL course is: We were awful, yet now we’re a small better, so by a day after tomorrow, we’re certain to be great.

In a entertain of a season, Washington has already lived out many of a NFL’s misperception tricks.

Soon enough, though, we get a clarity of a team’s whole operation of outcomes — any a partial yet usually a partial of what a whole group indeed is. That positively goes for Cousins, too. He has now started 6 NFL games and played a homogeneous of roughly 32 buliding (or 8 games, half a season) throwing 317 passes. What design is a information commencement to draw?

If Cousins had adequate career flitting attempts to validate for a active-player personality board, he would have a misfortune interception commission in a NFL (4.7 percent) by a outrageous domain over a next-worst male on a list, Rex Grossman (3.8 percent). He has some-more interceptions (15) than touchdown passes (14) and a career quarterback rating of 75.3. Again, if he had adequate attempts to qualify, among active players that rating would put him forward of usually dual group — Grossman and Mark Sanchez.

Every tumble there’s a existence check during FedEx Field. Except for Griffin’s shining rookie season, when he traded a knee for 815 yards rushing, it’s as informed as 1-3 branch into another 5-11. Here we are again.

Where’s Hank Williams Jr. when Washington needs him? Just change those lyrics to: “Are we prepared for some . . . baseball!?”

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